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  1. The Award nomination thread is quite unproductive. Many of the posts in there are off topic and many people's nominations get missed. I want to suggest a new way of nominating yourself for an award. This is a mixed feature of how you join groups and how you report a post.

    when you join a group you have the ability to say why you're joining the group, and when you report a post there is a drop down menu with options. I know when people join a group a notification is then sent to the leader that appears as a banner at the top of the page, making it easy to know when somebody has requested to join.

    I think that there should be a page that has a drop down menu of all the different awards which a person can choose from and a text box where they can write why they're nominating themselves. When a person sends the nomination a notification will then be sent to the admins and possibly to the other people who now can give awards if possible

    also while you're reading this please replace the jeritroll smiley with this please cause it's bloody annoying [​IMG] XD

  2. :okay: I'll try to stay on topic from now on.
  3. Fucking noobs not knowing how to stay on topic :jericho:
  4. :finger:

    *tiptoes back out*
  5. I don't really want to pay someone to make an add-on to our award plugin. You could just not post off-topic in there, it would help. Plus, with Seabs and Hoss not many of them are getting missed at all. I believe I handled that issue well.

    Btw, it's nice seeing you post like this once in a while :bitw:
  6. The thread works pretty well as it is tbh, we don't seem to be missing anything beyond suggestions for new awards, which shouldn't really be in the thread anyway Mr Spammer +.
  7. STFU! add now! ask solidus maybe they know how do it!!
  8. Solidus isn't a plugin developer. This would require a plugin lol. Award suggestions should be in this section bro.
  10. Not that simple. At all.
  11. okay :emoji_slight_frown:
  12. What the OP is asking is actually very easy to do. Shall I?
  13. I can't speak for Crayo but it would help a great deal as we get a lot of people spamming the thread, not sure if it's possible but could you put a limit on it? So you could only apply for a specific award once a day to avoid it being abused?
  14. Depends what it would look like and how it'd function. But if it's that simple then sure lol. Would save a ton of people PM'ing me for awards -.-. I never thought this was possible though without a plugin unless I've understood the OP's idea.
  15. There would need to be a way for a person to know if their request hasn't been accepted. On the groups page it says 'Join group' and when you apply it tells you what time you applied and if your request is declined it says 'Join group' again, so you know they've declined it.

    cause if you dont give them the award people would be like OMG CRAYO YOU SO SLOW WHY YOU NOT ACCEPT MY NOMINATION!
  16. We have Seabs and Hoss doing them too now. Which means no longer do I have to keep checking the thread for the "stat awards", which are awards you either have or don't have. I just concentrate on the other ones which are harder to get. So it shouldn't be slow any more at all, as they've been doing them quite fast iirc.
  17. Yeah things have sped up since they have been able to give out awards :jericho: just thought this was cool idea
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