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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Solidus, May 24, 2014.

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    You know what to do. Nominate yourself or someone else for one of these awards.
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  2. Brightspark & Gamer
    Made a million accepted suggestions and you know how much I game :dawg:

    Wacokid - self explanatory
  3. I believe that I should have enthusiast. I held the award in one of it's older forms and I have put a considerable amount of time into the other wrestling section.
  4. GOAT - D'Z , Stopspot,Crayo and me. I know Crayo is too cool for awards so he'll probably say no but this is probably the most worthy people of it.

    Friendly - Cloud
  5. [​IMG]

  6. I said Crayo not Xanth
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  7. Bright Spark - BLFFL for predicting the streak ending

    Geek - Dolphsziggler, Nero and Seabs
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  8. Didnt you say geeks are cool lad, does that make us cool?
  9. depends, geeks cn be cool

    knowing your shit about wrestling is geeky but cool. as is a geeky look, like glasses and big teeth

    cosplay, not having hairs on your chest and drinking shandy is geeky and not cool
  10. My chest is hairy there was a picture of it in the pics thread lad, I've never cosplayed and I'm currently drinking bourbon flavoured beer. Also i have glasses. So cool as fuck or what? Just admit it we'tmre two peas in a lad pod woooooo.
  11. GOAT award: Have to agree with the seabling. him, crayo, D'Z, myself.

    And Cloud needs friendly.
  12. Seabs is one nasty uk nigga who don't know what is friendship.
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  13. You and GOAT don't go together. Not in thousand yrs bro. Self gloathing.

  14. go on then lad, i will let you of

    Nero and Dolphziggler should get the award

    Cosplay? I mean whats it all about lads
  15. - Friendly most def for Cloud

    - Snowie for TNA award along with myself

    - Snowie for GOAT too

    - GN for friendly

    - CFcrusader for enthusiast
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  16. Enthusiast - Waco, Lockard, Brad

    Geek - D'Z

    GOAT - Crayo

    HoF - Crayo

    Friendly - Cloud
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  17. Goat :happy:
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  18. Good choice lad
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  19. Chatter award thingy, gamer and/or e.t too.

    As for others:

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  20. Enthusiast - Wacokid27, Snowman, Lockard23, Sharpy Sandow (all of these guys make wonderful and informative posts)
    Jokester - Tgmiveld (everything he posts makes me laugh)
    Friendly - Majour, Butters (2 of the best members on the entire forum)
    Gamer - Royal Raven (definitely the most qualified for this)
    Geek - Dolph'sZiggler Lockard23 (both are very knowledgeable)
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