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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Senhor Perfect, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. It seems everyone here seems to respect beards. How about a beard award? Given to people judged to have awesome beards.

  2. I'm down.
  3. We should add a pubic hair award too.
  4. I'm down as well.
  5. What about nipple hair? I have an excess of that.
  6. Can't grow a beard eh?
  7. Burn. :obama:
  8. Not a good one :sad:
  9. Mine didn't come in fully till I was 25, you still have time.
  10. I can grow somewhat of a beard. But I'm 17 still.
  11. I can already grow a beard lol, it just doesn't suit me.

    Anyway, as for this suggestion, I love it but I don't think it suits a wrestling forum at all.
  12. What if it's called the Daniel Bryan Outstanding Facial Hair Achievement Award?
  13. This is an amazing suggestion.
  14. Could name it the "goatface award" or some shit
  15. Not about the name, lol. Awards are meant to show that you have excelled in one particular area, something you have earned. Being able to grow hair on your face isn't an achievement, unless you seriously can't grow any like @Xanth
  16. :downer:
  17. It's an achievement. When I was a wee lad (trying to reason with the Brits here, humour me), I was told two things make you a man.

    1. Growing a beard
    2. Making a baby and being there for it

    Then we had tea and watched United.

    Seriously though, it is a wrestling forum, we ALWAYS comment on beards. DB is pretty much a favourite of almost every member. Why not have a goatface award?
  18. God dammit the amount of joy I got from this post almost persuades me to add it.
  19. God save the Queen?
  20. I will obtain this award, I've not shaved for 2 weeks now. It's looking quite good.
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