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  1. Name: Motivator
    Description: Someone who creates lots of threads to provoke discussion and help bring useful and informative knowledge to this site.
    Suggested icon: [​IMG] -
  2. Might change HQ star to being HQ in general, and put this award as creating lots of threads in wrestling-related sections which stimulate discussion.

    Good suggestion.
  3. I think that emotion would fit a talker award for someone who has alot of posts.
    I personally would prefer this emoticon: [​IMG] for your idea. Not sure how to make it small.
  4. Yeah, that would be better.
    Thanks :emoji_slight_smile:

    1. That icon is tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo big :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
    2. We don't need any more awards for post counts :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  5. Urm will need Xanth to resize that, I'm that bad at graphics I can't even do it.

    I prefer that icon too thuogh, but mainly Xanth decides the icons so don't be surprised if none of these get used. Temporarily used the one in the OP.

    Going to make this award really hard to get, lots and I mean lots of wrestling-related threads are going to be needed.
  6. Horrible icons everywhere.
  7. Horrible members everywhere.
  8. No, really. Look how blurred and pixelated it is. Don't hate on me because you found a poor icon from iconfinder.
  9. It's changed. I already said it wasn't going to be the one we used. That's Xanth's territory. Even if he likes the award someone suggests, it won't get used because he didn't find it :emoji_wink:.
  10. I still need to change one, but I'm lazy and can't be bothered finding another icon.
  11. Hits the invisible 'like' button.
  12. Yes I can understand why you're mad, you did that make that icon after all. I insulted "your" artwork, how terrible of me.
  13. What on earth are you rambling about.
    Low quality posting doesn't help nor does it look good for you or the forum, so please stop..
  14. What I'm talking about is you two taking a dislike to me because I expressed my dislike for an icon that neither of you created. You took the insult for someone else, why?
  15. Horrible member was just a figure of speech.
    I don't dislike you, nor do I like you, I've never seen you before and until I get to know you, I won't judge you.

    I meant it more as a troll but yeah, whatever floats your boat.
  16. Let's keep the off-topic stuff to a no-no. You're both fine with each other. Solidus' feedback is handy to me since he's pretty much a gfx guru. Where as I'm graphics-illiterate. So if he says an icon doesn't look good, most of the time it'd get changed.

    But yeah, kiss and make up :emoji_wink:. Closed.