Awards Are Back! (Request Awards ITT)

Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by CM Punk, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. After months and month without awards, we on WWEForums have finally brought awards back! (Technically we had it for a month or two, but Crayo is a lazy bastard.)

    We have removed a couple of awards and added some new ones. To view the awards list, click here.
  2. Enthusiast and friendly :smug:
  3. I think I should get Live Chatterbox since im in every LD and Ranter as I always rant about WWE and @GrammarNazi82 and @Snowman can vouch for my ranting in DMH.
  4. I ain't vouching for shit that you don't deserve. :tough:

    but fortunately for you, we had to go sit you in the corner of our little piece of the cyber-world in a ranting thread alllll to yourself, so it's well deserved. :smug:
    Hell, that thread misses the hell out of you, every now and then there's some stuff about marriage proposals that was serious, but think the last thing in there was me bitching about tangerine juice just for the hell of it. That ranting thread clearly misses you, so you so totally deserve the award.

    Welp, gotta go find my ranting skills again to earn an award. Maybe I'll find my old PS3 controller while looking for 'em. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  5. Hahaha, I shall return soon bro, nice to know im missed :yay:
  6. all of them
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  7. I'll be happy to rant more if the thread needs it that badly.
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  8. Friendly an think thats me done.
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  9. #9 Shadow, Dec 28, 2013
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    I think I could aim for Enthusiast, TNA's biggest fan, Live Chatterbox, Friendly, Jokester, Gamer, and Extraterrestrial.:obama:
  10. Nuh uh Shadow.

    Also @CM Punk I should get Enthusiast and Gaming.
  11. That TNA one, yes.
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  12. Enthusiast and Geek.
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  13. I wish we could give Lockard BITW since he makes the most HQ posts on here but needs 10k posts :emoji_slight_frown:
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  14. Lol, more than one person can have the same awards. Also, I'm pretty sure Punk ain't the one dishing them out.
  15. I know, was just trying to annoy you.
  16. Crayo once told me in the old awards thread from earlier this year that he might give it to me anyway before I hit 10,000. Only time will tell on that one...
  17. Hopefully he does, honestly you deserve it, even when people make really LQ threads you always make an in depth, HQ and great post.
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  18. I can't give out awards. That or I don't know how to.
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  19. I request a golden beard award. Awarded to the members with fantastic beards.
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  20. don't stop sucking, he hasn't came yet
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