Awards have been added.

Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Crayo, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. Click me to see them

    We've added awards that will be placed on your post_bit (left hand side <--) when you have earned them. Click the link below to see our current awards. If you want to suggest more awards to add, please reply with the image for the award (16x16 is the size) and the name of award/how to earn it.

    Very popular feature on my other forum, hoping it's the same here.

    Find images from :emoji_slight_smile:


    Please note, we will be changing the post_bit around a bit in the next few days to organize it and make it look nicer.
  2. Nice awards :emoji_slight_smile: Hope they help the activity and I will try to get all of mine.
  3. Yeah, even if it doesn't boost activity it's nice to have images in the post_bit. Should be changing it around today or tomorrow :emoji_slight_smile:. You're only 18 posts from an award GAF. xD
  4. Yay! Can not wait :emoji_grin: more awards should be added though. I will think of some to suggest for you to add.
  5. Awesome. I'm definitely planning to add more awards, I just lack ideas at the moment. I'm wanting more wrestling related awards to be added. The ones I added are just the core 5 I call them. I'll probably add a reputation one, because on a site like this rep actually will mean something (if you post nicely, intelligently and helpfully you're going to get repped aren't you :emoji_slight_smile:).