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    Heel Of The Year

    Face Of The Year

    Promo Of The Year

    Faction/Team of the Year

    Rivalry of the Year

    Match Of The Year?

    Best Talker Of The Year?

    Breakout Superstar Of The Year

    OMG Moment Of The Year:

    Superstar Of The Year

    Links ^^^^^^

    Vote. Options are based on nominations. All kayfabe stuff will be done once I get the results of everything, and that will be in one big thread after the final show. Vote for whoever you think was the best in this category, and keep bias voting out. Have fun.
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  2. I'm still confused how nobody chose me in this category TBH
  3. I wanna suggest not double voting and not voting for yourself like an asshole.
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  4. Yeah. I can't seem to find an option to stop double voting.
  5. How about you use Strawpoll then? I will make the award things now if you want me to.
  6. Don't want people to know the results
  7. I have a way to check for double voting. You will be banned from the league if you double vote. Warning
  8. PMs then?
    EDIT: Nevermind..
  9. what if i accidentally voted for the wrong person then submitted another response?
  10. Also guys I'd say don't vote in a category you're nominated in either. I can vote in very few of these
  11. don't do that
  12. Gee I wonder who's gonna win faction of the year.
  13. Adding in the next options now
  14. It hasn't been added yet....Give me time to update everything
  15. Okay... Also, will you be doing the Hall Of Fame as well?
  16. no. doing both would be too much
  17. @Electro said that he would do it... Pwease?
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