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  1. Bring the icons back. Why? Because...

    specifically BITW
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  2. East coast vs west coast gang battle going on up in here.

  4. Who's Kid and who's farooq? I only see niggas #WETHEEUROFAGS
  5. White people are so cruel.
  6. I don't really care about awards right now, but I had the friendly award. THE FUCKING FRIENDLY AWARD!
  7. Lmfao

    Awards will return eventually, don't worry.
  8. You said that a long time ago...

  9. First read this as east coast vs west coast gangbang, then realized I read it wrong. :sad1:
  10. Bumping this cause I know you got the awards back and I'd finally like to have my BITW award now. Why you always gotta hold a nigga down @Crayo
  11. We haven't supplied him with enough whipped cream, he isn't satisfied.
  12. *cough* Gamer *cough* Seriously been playing the shit out of Batman: Arkham Origins lately. Good game. Glad they didn't change the combat system. Been so much fun since the first one.
  13. Awards are limited to 3 per week, previous awards don't come back.

    It'll be a hella long time before everyone gets their awards all back (if ever) - they had no meaning when everyone had 5+
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