Awesome Kong (AKA Karma) Coming back?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Feb 15, 2016.

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  1. Kia Stevens (@meanqueenk) • Instagram photos and videos

    Look at her latest 3 posts. All geared around being Karma in the WWE. I don't think she left on bad terms. She was just messed up after having a miscarriage. Anyways, I think this could be good for the Divas division. They need some spice or something... It has been so boring. Nikki may be done, Brie will be off for the summer and no one seems to care about anyone other that the Flair "twins" lol
  2. This would be awesome if she returned! She would basically be unstoppable and dominate the whole digas division.
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  3. Pfffffft! ......This signing will save the WWE :booker2:
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  4. Meh, don't care if she comes to WWE or doesn't.
  5. Anything that will make the divas area more tolerable is a-okay in my book.
  6. I actually have had the pleasure of being acquainted with Kia Stevens and am an ABSOLUTE fan of hers. It's bugged her to no end that her previous WWE run occurred the way it did (with only one match being the Rumble and with the horrible thing that happened with her pregnancy) and WWE has been her dream... more than just being a wrestler. I hope she does get to have the run she never got.

    On top of that, she is past the prime of her career. She won't be putting on matches like she did with Gail Kim back in 2008... but she can still wrestle a good match when she has too and I am still a huge fan of hers. Kong is easily my favorite female wrestler ever. I'd love to see her against Bayley, Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Paige...

    However, all of that being said, the Instagram posts were from a fake account. On her official Twitter account, Kia Stevens has said that she doesn't have an Instagram account.
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  7. Wonder which non wrestling woman she'd beat up if she returned.

    Pray for Eden's safety. Pray for her
  8. Ahhh That sucks. People make these fake accounts and fool me all the time... They fool so many people. MEHH! I still hope she comes back cause she is done with TNA.
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  9. I hope she attacks Charlotte. Anybody but Eden, Lillian, Sasha, or Lana.
  10. Didn't TNA kick her ass home? She is probably pulling at straws hoping it blows up as a WWE rumor and they bite.
  11. Sad to see that it was a fake account. Would actually like to see her in the WWE for a proper run.
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