Awesome ME to possibly announced for next week's Raw

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Rysenberg, Apr 23, 2013.

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    Well IMO anyway lol. How are they booking the finish of this one then? I don't think they'll be comfortable having either Ryback or Cena eat the pin - but I guess a Ryback walk out is most likely.
  2. Wait, a handicap match with the Shield vs awkward rivals? Weird, man.
  3. lmao what a joke. the feud of watching each other get beat up by the Shield. WWE really crushed this one out of the park.
  4. I find it interesting. Forcing two rivals to team with each other to compete against a greater enemy is cool enough to me. And The Shield are an integral part of this feud somewhat, anyway.

    Having Ryback walk away and leaving Cena to be destroyed and eat the pinfall seems the most likely ending.

    I'm also just fine with The Shield getting the most important match of the card two weeks in a row, not forgetting they also ended the show the Raw last week as well. That's three Raws in a row where The Shield gets to shine in the main light. This is a bad thing how?
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  5. I'm interested in it too. Sounds good. When rivals are a team, you know it won't just be a standard boring tag-team match. Ryback walking away and having Cena get destroyed seems inevitable, but that's fine.
  6. Cena is eating the pin, that's for sure. Ryback will likely turn on Cena again, he will either walk away or will just spear Cena.
  7. It's quite amazing how many dirty pins Cena takes, yet he's known as this bury machine. He's laid down like this for most heels tbh.
  8. Ryback looking for revenge will leave Cena alone, then Cena will get pinned after Reigns finishes him and Rollins performs his finisher and that's my match prediction
  9. Cena hate is generally irrational from my experience. Anyway yeah I'm backing this to be booked like the WM match, Cena takes the beatdown and goes for the hot tag before Ryback drops off the apron leading to a beatdown / triple powerbomb before Ryback comes back in and shellshocks Cena. The match could be decent however, I'm interested.
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  10. They always do this.. Looks like Ryback will be walking out on Cena during the match.
  11. Seems predictable. Will be good to watch Cena lose to the Shield again I suppose.
  12. Sounds good enough.
  13. WWE has horrible booking sometimes. In my opinion, The Shield and Ryback vs. John Cena and a mystery opponent and it turns out to be a returning Christian, would be a better main event
  14. I just hate it because everyone knows how it ends, and then everyone has to act surprised. OMG, ryback turned on Cena again? Why would he do that?

    oh wait, because he fucking turned heel and they fight in 2 weeks. Of course he did that.
  15. :no:

    Cena >>>
  16. It's amazing that this match will be used to put over The Ryback and/or John Cena and not The Shield. Ryback to walk out half way through leaving Cena with the 3 on 1. Something like that.
  17. That puts over both of them ^

    Ryback as a heel, and Shield as a force of destruction after beating the snot out of Cena.
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  18. Unless Cena beats up all three.
  19. btw that like was for your sig. I watch it like 10 times every time you post. Such an amazing ball from Rooney
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  20. Dope as fuck right? Glad someone credits Rooney as well.
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