Awesome promo for GSP vs Diaz

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  1. I'm such a promo guy. Anyway, this is pretty dope. Makes Nick come off as the anti-hero mother fucking badass against the dominant superface champ.
  2. Looking forward to this fight. I predict GSP to walk away still champion. Man is a freaking machine and I don't see Diaz toppling him easily.
  3. I'm the biggest Diaz fan I know, but GSP will win easily. He even won the shit talk battle during the conference call. Nick I love you bro but GSP is pure class.. you are embarrassing yourself.
  4. Excellent promo vid though. Really well done
  5. I still believe in you Diaz.
  6. I've broken down the fight on here before I remember, but it is going to be ugly. The stand up might be interesting (I honestly don't know who will get the better of it on the feet) but if Nick hurts him at all GSP will just start wrestling him, and I don't have any faith in Diaz stuffing a GSP takedown. Once Diaz is on the ground the fight will look a lot like Nate vs Bendo, sadly.
  7. Thought Nick had a great mat game? He could submit GSP.
  8. One does not simply submit GSP.
  9. Nick and Nate are both excellent on the ground, some of the best BJJ in MMA, but GSP is smart as fuck. He will be extremely cautious of Nick's ground game and not give him a chance, just like Bendo against Nate. GSP is excellent at top control, and will be in positions that are advantageous for himself, and Nick will get very few openings to go for a submission from his back.

    That said, yes, he could submit GSP, and IMO it is his only out in the fight, and even having said that it is a slim chance he gets that out.
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  10. Nice post, thanks. Do you think Nick could knock him out or get a forced stoppage?
  11. What Dolph's said. GSP is smart. He will develop ways to counter everything Nick does. GSP is kind of like a ring general. Once he locks ahold of the match he will direct how it will go, in his favor.

    I doubt him being able to knock GSP out. Since again, GSP fights from positions that favor him.
  12. Thing is I'm not even convinced that GSP won't just outstrike Diaz. GSP has very underrating kickboxing.. tight stand up with nice jabs, kicks, superman punches, standing elbows.. he is very versatile on the feet while Nick is one dimensional with his great boxing and volume punching.
  13. Just saw this post.

    Yea, could happen in any fight, but GSP has only been KO'd once and it was a flukey deal.. his stand up is so tight he just doesn't put himself in a position to get KO'd very often. Plus Nick isn't much of a KO specialist, his boxing usually wears people down and he either wins a decision or eventually gets a submission after pounding on people.
  14. Nearly brought that up myself. Nick doesn't possess power though, it's more consistency. Isn't his strike accuracy -- with Nate's -- absolutely miles ahead of everyone else? They hit you with many many shots right?
  15. All of this said and I am still hyped for it and of course I will be rooting for Diaz.
  16. One of my favorite facts: NIck set the record for most standing strikes landed in a 3 round fight vs BJ Penn.. then like a month later Nate broke his record against Cerrone
  17. Damn nearly said that in my post. I swear I heard Rogan or someone say Nate broke his brothers record in a fight, that's so awesome.

    I appreciate it when people have their own style (Barcelona/Spain in football, and Nate and Nick in MMA). Love it. Anyway, I believe in you Nick baby :insertnickdiazsmileyhere:.

    Just pumped to see him again.
  18. I think it was the Nate/Bendo fight that crushed my hopes and spirit for this one. I just can't put myself out there again. I was so hyped for that fight and by the end of round 2 I felt helpless. The next 3 rounds were some of the worst moments of my MMA fandom.
  19. Not watched it, and never will.
  20. It wasn't brutal or anything, Nate just had nothing for Bendo. It was demoralizing
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