Awesome story regarding homeless man handing in $40,000 to police

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Sep 18, 2013.

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  1. Good man, a little stupid, but good nonetheless. Glad he's good deed is paying off.
  2. Do you sense it? It's the force of humanity being brought to balance.
  3. That is what I would do if I found that money. I can't just take that much money and not ask questions. That is A LOT of money for someone to just lose.
  4. his*
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  5. Yep. Oops
  6. Karma is real.
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Fuck poachers and assholes who hunt animals for absolutely no fucking reason. One of my biggest pet peeves.
  9. Samsies. I would only hut for food if I absolutely had to, or clothes if I was naked. lol Native American style... BITCH! :jesse:
  10. One time I killed an ant :tough:

    You guys don't know nothing about being native american :pity:
  11. Great story was a similar one in my hometown a few months back where a woman donating to a homeless chap dropped her engagement ring in his collection tin. The ring was worth thousands and he handed it in to police and he from donations off ppl and from a reward managed to get a house and his life on track etc....
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  12. :idk: Some sort of sexual reference?
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  13. My husband's part Native American. :pity: And my mom is obsessed with them. I think I know quite a bit.
  14. I'll hut dat ass. :gusta:
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  15. :shock:........:hmm:.......:fap:
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  16. My blood is pure me lady
  17. If you were 100% you would have facial hair. :pity:
    They can't grow facial hair or chest/back hair. Not sure about legs/arms.
  18. Native Americans can grow facial hair, that's just a fact. My father is 100% and my mother is a mix of several things. So, I'm not pure, I was joking about that. They can grow facial hair though, monstly mustaches.
  19. I never seen one with any facial hair lol
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