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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by GrammarNazi82, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. I suggest we get a PM system. :yay:

    Oh, and also the ability to edit status comments. We can edit our statuses, but not our comments.

    Get on it and make it happen. :finger:
  2. Another awesome suggestion is that we have parties for certain happenings on this forum :true:
  3. I dont think we can edit our statuses. it gives you the no permission page when you click the edit button
  4. Comments was an anon edition, so he'd have to add it I think.
  5. That, too.


    Ohhh, I see. I had never tried it, just saw the button. Good to know.
  6. The majority of the status additions like comments, editing, legend only status, etc. were all done by Anon. Since he's not here, Crayo and Xanth are clueless.
  7. I miss anon :(( and i never even knew him lol... heard lots about him XD
  8. Big surprise there. :burns:
  9. Me and Hoss should just run this place, Crayo Xabth :gtfo:
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  10. Speaking of awesome suggestions..... :jericho:
  11. :boss1:
  12. The hate for me and Xanth in this thread is unacceptable. All banned. Randy Savage will be in charge as of Monday.

    As for the suggestion, it's not really doable without Anon as you've been told.
  13. Why should Savage be in charge if there's no one else on this forum?

    But seriously we need like a forum party.
  14. Re: RE: Awesome suggestions

    Answered your own question there, Randy is best left in charge of places where people aren't.
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  15. :true:
  16. Randy? god no. :upset:
  17. I would say how much I like this and agree with it, but since I am now banned I can no longer do so. :sad:

    Crayo -- Don't you feel the love in my thread? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: Seriously though, understand it can't be done since Anon seems to have been the most awesome user, so I get that. :emoji_wink: Thought I would mention it though, and fuck with you of course.

  18. Randy savage in charge :gusta: best forum ever!!
  19. Just to bump this sort of. I will be contacting a developer soon to see what stuff he could possibly do with our like system (made by Anon) and status enhancements (made mostly by Anon).
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