Awkward thread to make without seeming douchey. Why is everyone on Cole's Dick?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. For the Lawler situation? Yes, he handled it well... how did you expect him to handle it? It just seems strange to me that he is getting so much praise for something I would have completely expected him to do. Of course he dropped his character and was showing genuine concern for the situation.. BECAUSE HE WAS GENUINELY CONCERNED.

    just my .02. It is crazy to me seeing so many you go michael cole posts. I think there are still too many users on here unable to properly separate kayfabe from reality. And I'm not trying to make light of a bad situation.. but the way people are lining up to make Cole man of the year.. what did you think he would do? "LOL FINALLY THAT IDIOT LAWLER HAD A HEART ATTACK. WON'T HAVE TO DEAL WITH THAT OAF ANYMORE! WOO COLEMINERS TWEET ME YOUR CELEBRATORY THOUGHTS AND I'LL READ SOME OF THEM ON AIR!!" come on
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  2. If you think people are praising him for being real instead of kayfabing then you need to seriously wise up. Lawler and him are close. If my best friend had a massive heart attack and was dead for 20 mintues receiving 7 shocks to an open chest right in front of me, whilst I was working and helpless, I would struggle to remain seated let alone continue calling the match (doing my job) and then give live updates about my best friend who's potentially dying to millions of people worlwide without breaking down in tears. He handled it amazingly.

    It's not just "us" here praising him. He's been praised by WWE, JR, and everyone. He was trending on Twitter and it was all praise. He was amazing. hats off to the guy.
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  3. I guess I just have higher expectations for Cole. Of course he's the man, I've always known this. He was legitimately a badass journalist and has covered things most of us wouldn't have the balls to cover. Again, I'm not saying he wasn't outstanding, but he didn't surprise me in any way. Did you think if faced with this situation Cole would bury his head in his hands and cry on camera? come on

    I give him his due, but its like 'Nice job handling that, Cole', not 'OMG COLE GOAT CAN'T BELIEVE HE HANDLED THAT SO WELL!'

    that is all I'm saying.
  4. I've never seen his past but I think anyone who can hold in the personal emotion side of it and stay professional whilst your best friend is dead on the floor receiving treatment is outstanding. Whether people are over-reacting or not is irrelevant to me, I was personally shocked at how well he done. I knew he was a damn good commentator -- despite the needless hate he sometimes receives -- but you could visibly see he was tearing up and he had no help out there. He was alone in a horrible situation, that's why I'm personally giving him all the praise in the world.

    Btw during the commercial breaks/during matches there is pictures of Cole with his hands over his face. You might have been aware of his past journalism, but I -- like many others -- haven't seen it enough to know he'd react this well. Though even if I did know that I'd still be "on his dick" as it was mind-blowing.

    However you're right on one thing, Cole is soaking up most of the praise but the superstars who came out after deserve praise too, and more importantly the EMT's, Crew and Doctors backstage who DID save his life need to be honoured in some form. Without them, Lawler would most likely be dead.
  5. True that. The entire situation was very sobering and things like that tend to serve as a reminder to people what is really important in life.

    you make good points and I see what you are saying. Praise Cole until the end of time, I'll go ahead and concede this one.
  7. Can I also just say another special mention to Bryan and the PTP who appeared to adapt their match round the incident. Maybe it was just due to a lack of commentary but there seemed to be a lot of rest holds to me.
  8. Its a very tough decision to go through... Im sure that Cole was getting feedback on his headset to keep commentating through the match and stuff...

    Cena and punk were gold after the incident as well!!

    the performers were fantastic following... remember how the mood was somber and the matches were robotic after the Owen Hart (RIP) incident!
  9. Even a heel character wouldn't be happy about death.
  10. That's not Dolph's point though mate, lol.