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  1. "It would be pretty awkward if..."

    Finish the sentence with an awkward situation.
  2. this thread got closed.
    oh wait? :pipebomb:
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  3. :pity:
  4. It would be pretty awkward if..... I ran around the forums naked!
  5. Crayo selling the forum was a rib.
  6. It Factor was really Britannica's husband.
  7. Really was all a dream
  8. :ohgod:
  9. I know, LQ couple of the 2010's at least.
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  10. I said you and IT factor were lq.
    I'm saying Brita and CM Punk are both LQ.
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  11. ....remove my bra and let my titties flop around.
  12. ...would be pretty awkward if one of us really was CM Punk (or any other wrestler that's consistently bashed on this site) and had the skype to prove it
  13. If you were black.
  14. It would be awkward if HHH and Stephanie divorced.
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  15. It would be awkward if Bart and Lisa Simpson actually began aging on the show.
  16. ...if I didn't actually find anything I think would be awkward.
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