Aww Hell Naw...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Testify, Dec 2, 2012.

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    My brotha... :testify:
  2. He made the list bro. :testify:
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  3. Devon is the worst wrestler ever.
  4. Devon is the bestest.
  5. May God have mercy on your soul son.

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  6. Kurt Angel another vanilla midget, push Cena and Punk dammit. Ideally with Metzelder as their manager / breaking news source.
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  8. So that's were Rey Rey went, Cara seems to have put on weight though... stupid drugs.
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  9. :haha:
  10. ... or the most enthusiastic ever.

    Devon could don curly blonde lettuce on his lid and convince me it was the greatest gimmick he ever had

    Only Devon would still want still want to be Bully Ray's stooge at age 40

    This isn't criticism, its acknowledgment. Even Chris Jericho thinks Devon has too much energy at middle age
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  11. :otunga:
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