Axel beat Punk on Raw, right?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. Just wondering because they never made an announcement as to who won the match. Punk attacked Heyman unprovoked and the match ended. Obviously Heyman didn't attack Punk, and Axel did nothing to be DQ'd, so the action of dragging Heyman into the ring had to of gotten Punk DQ'd, no?
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  2. I love you for this. I am 99% sure i was right, Axel won via DQ for punk pulling Heyman in the ring. If so ill take 3 days starting today. Alkaline will be the best to tag here.
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  3. Not sure why you just willfully went along with Danny saying he won lol. Put your ballin' ass sig back up and fix this disgrace.
  4. I seriously pointed out the same things you did in the OP, and was told "lol no thats not how it works, he can attack someone outside the ring, Heyman got axel the dq"

    Will change when Danielson admits he was wrong.
  5. Crayo


    Can we get some other unbiased observers to get to the bottom of this?
  6. in the meantime, let's find a sig to give to danny, OR i could post a topic and let everyone here choose.

    To be fair he let me use the based danny gagnam style sig, which is far from what i would have given him.
  7. notevensurewhichoneitwas.

    Clay Matthews aka Val Venis?
  8. Would Punk be disqualified for attacking someone outside the ring? Not sure on the kayfabe rules to this. I'm not sure if WWE tried to spit this as Punk attacking Heyman means Heyman is involved, so Axel is DQ'd. It makes no sense I know, but how would Punk attacking Heyman cause an unfair advantage for Punk? This one was bizarre and I never even noticed it until this thread.
  9. Pharrell you goon
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  10. [​IMG]
    def not the one i had before. I somehow lost it.
  11. But Heyman made no act of aggression towards Punk. And as soon as Punk grabs Heyman the ref calls for the bell.

    If you can get your opponent DQ'd by attacking his manager unprovoked I think more heels would do this to win.
  12. tell me you saved it when you stole mine.
  13. Just go to that thread where we spammed it. Your apology thread
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  14. id say at the worst, it's a no contest. Im taking my sig back. Thanks wonderful
  15. This and the thunderbirds are the only gifs i have where i could laugh for hours just staring at.
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    He hates these Blurred Lines.
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  18. what the fuck is a Rob Conway.
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