News Axel not competing at HIAC

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Brad., Oct 27, 2013.

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  1. I hope some of the other matches get more time as a result of this and they don't just throw some crap match together to replace it( Khali vs Santino or something)
  2. MIAMI — As first reported earlier today on WWE’s official Twitter account (@WWE), Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel has sustained an injury that will prevent him from competing tonight during the WWE Hell in a Cell Kickoff Match. Following a second evaluation by WWE medical personnel, Axel was not cleared for in-ring action.

    In place of the scheduled Intercontinental Title bout between Axel and Big E Langston will be a singles match between Kofi Kingston and “Mr. Money in the Bank,” Damien Sandow.

    With this Kickoff Match taking place on the same night as John Cena’s momentous return to action to challenge Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship, what is going through Sandow’s mind as he carries his coveted Money in the Bank contract into Miami’s American Airlines Arena? Also, now that Langston is no longer scheduled to compete, how will the rising star look to make an impact tonight at WWE Hell in a Cell?

    Stay with for updates as this story develops.
  3. Damn actually was lookin foward for that match. 5! 5! 5!
  4. They could work this into kayfabe (if it's not already, as it does sound like Heyman's usual strategy to get himself/his clients out of matches) and have Big E sit out this one (or squash someone) and win the belt at SS.
  5. You mean Sandow will job to Kofi right? Because thats all Sandow seems capable of doing recently D:!
  6. I doubt it's a work as it was planned for the pre-show anyway.

    Sandow v Kofi, meh.
  7. Fuck... Axel gets another free pass, he use to be so good now he's all shit.
  8. - Regarding Axel’s injury, word is that he was injured on Monday’s RAW. Apparently Axel blew out both of his hips in what’s being called a “freak accident.”

    - Here is Big E Langston’s response after WWE broke news that his Intercontinental Title shot was pulled from Hell In a Cell due to Curtis Axel’s injury:

    Big E Langston ✔ @BigELangston
    WHAT?!?! "@WWE: BREAKING: @RealCurtisAxel will not compete tonight at #HellInACell. Stay tuned to for updates.”

    Source: Pwmania
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