B.Dazzle's and Danielson's New York Giants discussion thread.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by B.Dazzle, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. Here we go Giants!

  2. We're going to win this one.
  3. Poor bears fans, they might only get the ball for 10 mins this game. We will either score or throw a pick 6
  4. I sure do hope so. Anything to raise some confidence on this team.
  6. Again? When did we not suck?
  7. Going to be a fucking shoot out
  8. who's playing?
    might watch
  9. Giants vs Bears.

    14 to 14.

  10. quote me next time :angry:

  11. I'm Sorry! :cry:
  12. Giants suck. I try to be optimistic but we are awful. We should just not play the second half
  13. You should add me to this, because I bet I'm a bigger Giants fan than all of you.

    Also, what in the hell has happened to is? I actually had high hopes for this season, but it's just been a disaster. No run game, o line suckin some dick, defense not performing, and the passing game horrible. God we need to make some deals or start rebuilding. Hoping for a high draft pick next year. That's all I have to look forward to with the G Men.
  14. Boy am I glad to be a Saints fan. Saints are awesome, we love black and gold. Oh. Hey Giant fans, how is the season?
  15. I don't really know how anyone can be a bigger fan than anyone. I'm a huge Giants fan, and have followed them since 1999. That's a long time of watching giants football, and this is definitely the most frustrating team i've ever watched. When we had collins,shockey, toomer, we were in a rebuilding mode and those years were pretty dim, and then the trade for ELI and the hope was renewed. We have the talent but for some reason it hasn't been put together, and I don't know who is to blame. I think Gilbride has to go because his play calling is so fucking predictable. At least in the early 2000's loses felt right. These feel like games we should win, but we are just making too many mental mistakes. These can be corrected and we can return to a decent football team next year.
  16. "Knock Knock"
    "Who's there"
    "Owen who"

    You can figure the rest out, then take solace that the Giants are at least better than that joke. :emoji_slight_smile:
  17. I've heard that joke about 500 times since week 3. People really hate me.
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