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    The Roster:

    Raw :
    John Cena
    Big Show
    Bray Wyatt
    Erick Rowan
    Luke Harper
    Alberto Del Rio
    Randy Orton
    Kofi Kingston
    Evan Bourne
    The Miz
    Jack Swagger
    Antonio Cesaro
    Dean Ambrose
    Seth Rollins
    Roman Reigns
    Rey Mysterio

    Raw Tag Teams:
    The Shield
    Awesome Truth
    The Real Americans
    The Wyatt Family

    Raw Managers:
    Zeb Coulter (The Real Americans)
    Brad Maddox(GM)

    Raw Commentators:
    Michael Cole

    Raw Titles:
    WWE Champion: John Cena
    U.S Champion: Dean Ambrose
    WWE Tag Team Champions: Rollins and Reigns
    Raw Money In The Bank: Randy Orton

    Cm Punk
    Daniel Bryan
    Dolph Ziggler
    Cody Rhodes
    Damien Sandow
    Wade Barrett
    Jimmy Uso
    Jey Uso
    Curtis Axel
    Rob Van Dam
    Chris Jericho
    Big E Langston
    Darren Young
    Titus 0'Neil
    Drew Mcintyre
    Mark Henry
    Tyson Kidd
    William Regal

    Smackdown Tag Teams:
    Jimmy and Jey Uso
    Wade Barrett and William Regal
    Prime Time Players
    Christian and Chris Jericho

    Smackdown Managers:
    Vickie Guerrero(GM)
    Paul Heyman(Curtis Axel)

    Smackdown Commentators:
    Josh Matthews

    Smackdown Champions:
    World Champion: Cm Punk
    Intercontinental: Champion: Curtis Axel
    World Tag Team: Champions: Jimmy and Jey Uso
    Smackdown Money In The Bank: Damien Sandow

    Note: PWL wasn't going to work out.
  2. Looking forward to this :emoji_grin:
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  3. WWE: Monday Night Raw!

    Fireworks go off near the entrance way, and the crowd is on their feet. JBL and Michael Cole are waiting at ringside.

    Cole: Hello everyone, I am Michael Cole, and sitting next to me is my broadcast partner JBL. JBL, what a show we have tonight.

    JBL: You are right. Tonight is going to be a huge night.
    Cole: Folks, tonight WWE champion John Cena will face Alberto Del Rio in a non-title bout. Also the U.S title is on the line, when Dean
    Ambrose faces Rey Mysterio. Let’s get started with some singles competition.

    *Meat on the table* Hits the speakers in the arena, and the fans are booing Ryback, as he makes his way down to the ring.

    Cole: Ryback has been on a downfall as of late. He failed at his chances for the WWE title, and he has been victim of the fans who have called him cryback.

    JBL: Ryback’s a tough guy, and he shouldn’t let these people get in his head. Tonight is the perfect night for him to climb back up the ladder.

    *Veil of Fire* Plays around the arena, and the fans give a good ovation for the big red monster, Kane.

    Cole: Kane is another guy who could use this win to get back on track. After losing the tag titles to the shield, and splitting with Daniel Bryan, he has definitely been on a downfall.

    JBL: Kane has been in this business for a long time, and he knows how to get his career back on track. A win tonight would be good for him.

    Match 1: Kane vs Ryback.

    Both men go for a tie up, but Ryback cheaply kicks Kane in the stomach. Ryback hits Kane with clubbing blows to the back. Ryback throws Kane into the corner. Ryback starts kicking Kane in the stomach. The ref pulls Ryback away from Kane. Ryback pushes the ref out of his way, and walks towards Kane. Kane grabs Ryback by the throat, and throws him in to the corner. Kane his some rights and lefts, before Ryback pushes him away. Ryback runs out of the corner, but is taken down by a big boot. Kane starts stomping on the head of Ryback. Kane sits Ryback up, runs to the ropes, comes back, and hits him with a low dropkick. Kane goes for a quick pin. 1…2, Ryback quickly kicks out. Kane picks Ryback back up to his feet, kicks him in the stomach, runs to the ropes, bounces back, goes for a jumping clothesline, but Ryback catches him in mid-air. Ryback flips Kane upside down, and power slams him to the ground.

    Cole: What strength from Ryback.

    JBL: He’s one tough monster, no question about it.

    Ryback picks Kane to his feet, goes to Irish whip him to the ropes, keeps hold of his arm, pulls Kane back, picks him up, and slams him down with a spinebuster. Ryback goes besides Kane, jumps up, and connects with a splash. Ryback goes for the pin. 1…2.., Kane kicks out. Ryback gets up, goes to the corner, and patiently waits for Kane to get back to his feet. Kane gets up, turns around, Ryback runs, goes for a clothesline, and Kane sidesteps out the way. Ryback runs into the turnbuckle. Ryback turns around; Kane picks him up, and takes him down with a sidewalk slam. Kane hooks Ryback’s leg. 1…2.., Ryback kicks out. Kane rolls out the ring, and goes up top.

    Cole: This is vintage Kane.

    JBL: We know Cole, we all know.

    Ryback gets up, and turns in the direction of Kane. Kane leaps off, and goes for a flying clothesline, but Ryback moves out of the way. Kane quickly rolls back to his feet, turns around, and is taken down by the meathook clothesline. Ryback looks to the fans and screams out “finish it.” Ryback picks Kane up for shellshock. Ryback marches around the ring, and hits him with shellshock! Ryback goes for the pin. 1…2…3! It’s over. Ryback has defeated Kane.

    Cole: Ryback is something else.

    JBL: He’s an animal. His strength is amazing.

    Ryback rolls out the ring, and celebrates, as the fans are booing him. He leaves to the backstage area, as Kane has sat up in the ring.

    Cole: A valiant effort from Kane, but he couldn’t keep Ryback down. The downfall of Kane continues, and can only get worse.

    JBL: You’re right Cole. Kane….

    Cole: Oh know. It can’t be.

    The arena goes black, except for a bunch of cryptic images on the screen. The screen cuts to a room, and we see a man sitting on a rocking chair. The man is Bray Wyatt.

    Wyatt: The world is a dark, cruel place. People kill each other; steal from each other, but for what reason? People only think about themselves, and not about others. We are forced to live in a world, where we are lied to, and are told that nothing bad can ever happen to you. Well those people are wrong. Bad things do happen, bad things can happen, and bad things will happen. The moment you have all been waiting for is upon us.

    The screen cuts black, before coming back on again. This time showing Wyatt with two other guys.

    Wyatt: I am Bray Wyatt, the eater of worlds. These two men are my brothers. For those wondering when we will be here, I have one thing to say. We’re here!

    The screen goes black. The whole arena is dark.

    *Broken out of Love* Hits the P.A system, and the fans are waiting impatiently for the impending debut of the Wyatt Family.
    We see a light at the entrance way, and out comes Bray Wyatt and his family. Wyatt is holding up a lantern, which is the only light in the arena. The other two men are walking by his side. One wearing a lamb mask while holding a rocking chair, the other is a black haired man with a big black beard. The man with the lamb mask puts down the rocking chair, and he and the other guy disappear in to the darkness. Wyatt sits down in the rocking chair, and blows the lantern light out. The lights come on, and the two guys are in the ring with Kane.

    Cole: What the hell?! Why are they attacking Kane?!

    JBL: I don’t know, but Kane needs to find a way out of there before something bad happens.

    The two men attack Kane, and bring him to the ground. They go down to the ground with him, and wildly club all over the place. They are punching him in the face, the stomach, everywhere. Both men get up, pick Kane up, and throw him out the ring. They roll out the ring, lift Kane to his feet, and throw him head first into the steel steps. The big guy in the olive green jump suit picks the top steel steps up, while the other guy places Kane’s head on the bottom steps. The guy holding the steel steps throws it down, and it crushes Kane’s head.

    Cole: Oh my god! They may have just killed him!

    JBL: I have never seen something like this before in my life. These guys have made an impact.

    Wyatt gets out of his rocking chair, and walks towards his family. He kneels down next to the lifeless body of Kane. He spreads his arms out, and looks to the sky. An image of the Wyatt Family appears on the camera, and we are on a commercial break.
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