Kayfabe Back On The Throne of Precision


Helo, dwi'n Gymry!
The show returns from a commercial break to a cheering Newark, New Jersey crowd inside of The Prudential Center, enjoying a great night of professional wrestling action that can only be seen on Saturday Night Precision. The camera cuts to the commentators table.

Patrick Young: "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to Saturday Night Precision. Now, lets take you back to last week, where Andersen Vega returned to Precision to answer the open challenge laid out by Karl Senn, where due to an interference by Alex Clark, Andersen Vega defeated Karl Senn to become the new Precision Champion."

A video package of the events that unfolded the week prior plays, showing Andersen Vega's return and the double cross that Alex Clark committed onto Karl Senn, which allowed Vega to win the Precision Championship title.

Kayfabe - Before The Match: Karl Senn vs ??? - Precision Championship Match.

Kayfabe - During The Match: Karl Senn vs Andersen Vega - Precision Championship Match.

The show returns to the arena and the ring canvas has been covered in a red carpet and a large and costly looking throne stands in the centre of the squared circle. The camera pans out to show the crowd momentarily before the lights go out and Andersen Vega's music hits.

The Precision Universe erupts in a deafening ovation as "King Of My World" by Saliva blasts through the various speakers set up throughout the arena, signalling the arrival of their fellow New Jerseyan. After a good 15 seconds, A singular spotlight beams onto the stage to show Andersen Vega standing on the stage with his arms out wide, with his signature baseball bat in his right hand and the Precision Championship in his left as the Precision Universe, who cannot be seen due to the near arena blackout, can nonetheless still be heard with the ever growing reaction reaching it's climax as they see their "King" appear under the spotlight. The Precision Champion is wearing his old school ring gear in black, white and gold, a black hooded, unzipped jacket with the hood up and a "King Me" t-shirt underneath.

Anthony Pederson: "And there he is, ladies and gentlemen! The new, Precision Champion! The "King Of Precision"!, The "King Of The World"! And the "God Amongst Men"! One of the greatest competitors in Precision history and now, the only man in Precision history to have held the Undisputed World Championship title, the World Heavyweight Championship title and the Precision Championship title! He is the legendary Andersen Vega and we are all blessed to be in his presence!"

Patrick Young: "Are you done kissing his ass yet?"

Anthony Pederson: "It's not kissing ass, Young, it's stating facts! This man is the best ever and on paper, there is nobody that can argue that fact. He is the greatest to ever grace a Precision ring! Now SHHH! Just sit back and bask in his presence, Young!"

Patrick Young: *Sigh* "You're so insufferable."

Andersen Vega, still basking in the ovation that he has received from the Precision Audience in his hometown of Newark, New Jersey, begins to make his way down the ramp and towards the ring with the sole light in the arena shining on him and him alone.

Ring Announcer: "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, THE NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW! Precision Champion! And fellow New Jerseyan! ANDERSEN VEGA!"

The reaction for Vega from his hometown crowd again reaches its boiling point as he reaches the ringside area, walks up the steps and enters the ring through the second and top ropes. Upon entry, Vega walks over to the throne and places his Precision Championship on the right arm of the chair and leans his baseball bat on the left before walking towards the Ring Announcer and demands the microphone, to which he is given. The "King Of Precision" then walks over to the throne in the centre of the ring and raises his arms out wide, lifting his head and taking in a breath, with a smile plastered on his face. After a good five seconds, Vega lowers his arms and takes his rightful place on the throne. With a microphone in hand, Andersen Vega raises the microphone to his lips for the first time since before the Backlash PPV.

Andersen Vega: "..."

The New Jersey audience, who still cannot be seen due to the near arena blackout, can be heard chanting "Welcome back!". Allowing the chants to die down, which takes a good minute out of the show in itself, Vega finally speaks for the first time in nearly two months.

Andersen Vega: "... The "King", is back."

With these four words, the Precision Universe are again sent into a frenzy of "Welcome back!" and "Vega!" chants. Again allowing the chants to die down, Vega continues.

Andersen Vega: "But, why?"

Vega again pauses, taking his time, seemingly in no rush to make his speech.

Andersen Vega: "When I decided that I was going to leave, I did so because I had lost my passion for this. I started to consider this as nothing more than my job. Every week was the same routine. Come into work, do my hours and go home. No love for it and no passion left to claw at. No reason to stay... And when you get to that stage, where you can barely find the motivation to get into your Ferrari California convertible and drive to the various arenas in the country that this carnival show has visited to put on the greatest performance of the night against an opponent that makes up the vast majority of the Precision roster, with the in-ring capabilities of a broomstick and the charisma to match that comparison, then you should just quit, and that's what I did. I quit."

A faint sound of boos can be heard coming from a few members of the audience after Vega admitted to quitting.

Andersen Vega: "But, despite what you feel when you're here... That feeling is a million times worse when all that you can do is watch the show from your couch. When you watch the man that defeated you in your final match and the man that took your title away from you just dwindle into nothingness and become nothing more than a stepping stone to a greedy old business man in a suit. When you are forced to sit back and watch as undeserving, untalented, charisma lacking hacks and nobodies get given titles that you had to break every bone in your body just to get an opportunity at. That feeling as you watch the company that you helped build wither away into mediocrity. That feeling is devastating... But, pride keeps you from making that phone call. You walked away and you said that you were done. Running back and begging for your job back is the markings of weakness and so I did nothing but watch... But, as it turns out, this company was suffering more than I was, as Ryan Blake picked up the phone and called me. Ryan Blake asked me... Begged me to return and to answer Karl something or another's Precision Championship open challenge. Ryan said... 'Andy, please! Precision needs you!... I made a few mistake signings and gave idiots with little to no drawing power championship opportunities, including myself! And now, nobody wants to tune into the show unless its a Buster Gates or Jack Rogue and Ivy Hale segment! Please come back!'... And so, after negotiating a new contract - A contract that makes me by far the highest paid member of the roster, I might add - I returned and gave that rookie, Karl Senn a masterclass lesson in professional wrestling and I walked away from that match with this..."

Andersen Vega places his hand on the Precision Championship that is resting on the arm of his throne.

Andersen Vega: "And now, I have been given the task of making this title the greatest championship in professional wrestling. A task that begins tonight, when I face off against one of the very few men in this business that can go toe to toe with me both in the ring and on this microphone. Tonight, I step into the ring with, in my opinion, the only man that can truly challenge my claim to being the greatest professional wrestler in Precision history. Tonight, I face off against Buster Gates."

A loud ovation of boos can be heard resonating from the still faceless audience.

Andersen Vega: "I have the utmost respect for Buster Gates and I hope that he holds that same respect for me. There was a time when we stood in this ring together and claimed that "We rule this shit" and tonight, one of us will lay their rightful claim as the "Ruler of Precision"... And that man will be me.... I'm not sitting on this throne only to feed my admittedly gigantic ego, this throne represents me in my entirety because I am Andersen Vega! The "King and Champion of Precision"! "King Of The World"! "A God Amongst Men"! And the greatest professional wrestler... To grace a professional. Wrestling. Ring."

With that said, Andersen Vega's music hits once more, which once again sends his hometown crowd into a cheering frenzy as the lasting image of the segment is Andersen Vega, sitting on his throne, in the centre of his kingdom, back, to rule once more.


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