Back to back weeks of no Jack Swagger

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Feb 6, 2012.

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  1. You know, the United States champion? I don't care if you like Swagger or not, that is retarded. And then WWE wonders why the mid card belts don't mean jack shit?
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  2. I completely agree. He also just won the championship, aswell.
  3. Liked. Ridiculous right? Wonder if he'll even be at EC.
  4. Both midcard titles are in the dirt. Look at Cody, he's in a match for the WHC on a ppv rather then defending his belt. How bad does that look?
  5. Ikr. Been a while since no zack swagger. Only Ryder is his challenger and he's gone so that's probably why but they should still find someone else.
  6. And to think we had hope. Well, I definitely did.
  7. I doubt it. No chance to build a decent feud for him in the time remaining.
  8. Guess we'll have to wait for his topless Q&A for some Swagger-love.
  9. They'll probably arrange it on the night then wonder why no one gives a shit.
  10. Put him in a feud with Funkasaurus for God's sake. ANYTHING is better than leaving a champion off your show and admitting that you don't give a shit about your mid card

    they'll probably throw him in an unannounced title defense with absolutely no build and it will last 2 minutes at the EC
  11. They seriously need to look at the tag division, the US belt and the IC belt. Idiotic booking results into meaningless titles.
  12. Anyone else notice that SD superstars had more matches tonight than RAW?

  13. I didn't even notice that, if that's the case then WWE well done.

    Idiots. Complete morons.
  14. It's fucking pathetic. Just end the brand split already, you clearly don't have enough talent to go around.
  15. I agree. End the bullshit brand unity.
  16. How many feuds are their in this entire company right now? 3 or 4? Kane/Cena, Bryan/Show, Barrett Orton, and Rock Cena which isn't a real feud?

    That's just fucking pathetic
  17. If Jack Swagger was important he would be on the show.

    Regardless if he's wearing the belt, Swagger (himself) isn't impressing anyone.

    Was Miz on each week when he had the belt? Was Ziggler on each week?

    Sorry, it's the man who makes the belt. Creative has nothing for him b/c he's boring
  18. Fail, you can't defend this shit. If he's not important, don't give him the belt in the first fucking place.

    'creative' (loose use of the word creative) doesn't have anything for ANYONE because they fucking suck at their job
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  19. Couldn't have said it any better myself.
  20. I gave you a reason why Swagger hasn't been on.

    Yet, you keep saying how stupid it was that he wasn't

    What is your explanation? Besides how I fail and how stupid WWE is.... why should Swagger be on ?
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