Back to back weeks of no Samoa Joe

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  1. Fuck You TNA :Cornette:

    tell me you fucking incompetent asshat retard motherfuckers didn't get rid of the Cornette face
  2. His contribution was enough for me though, he made me aware of this match and the awesome spot @ 11:30

  3. True. That spot is an all time great one
  4. Your sig is too big.
  5. cry about it dude
  6. There. I changed the font from xxl to just xl
  7. :cornette:

    I don't really care for Samoa, so it doesn't bother me.

    Edit: :mog: They did it...
  8. You know I mean the image. If you don't fix it, I will. :bitw:
  9. any particular reason he isnt being used?
  10. They did the "Hey, lets let part of the roster head to a house show during Impact" thing again.
    He jobbed to Magnus.
  11. That match with Sting was great.
    Think I'll watch Angle Vs. Joe again .
  12. By the way I'm certain the Sun got that front page headline off of a Scrubs episode lmao.
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