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First RWK Euro Champion
*After the go-home edition of Saturday Night Precision, the week before the Aftermath pay-per-view, a video goes up on SNP’s YouTube channel. It fades in to show a corridor backstage at Precision, with a lot of production staff seeming to be packing up equipment and wheeling crates away from the curtain just visible in the background. After a few seconds, the curtain is opened violently, and Jack Rogue stormed through. He is dressed in his ring gear, drenched in sweat, visibly bruised and absolutely furious - the video appears to take place after his defeat to Will Neilson. His teeth are gritted, his eyebrows furrowed and his rage is audible in his breathing. He barges past the staff near the curtain without a word for any of them and storms past the crate behind which the cameraman is hiding, as the camera pans around silently to follow him*

*The camera operator waits a few seconds while Rogue moves away down the corridor, before cautiously following him. He lashes out with a kick to the vending machine pushed against the black-painted brick wall and watches around him as various staff members gasp, bow their heads or walk away quickly. One, however, remains: a suited man in a shirt and tie, who has his back to Jack and is talking at a slightly obnoxious volume on the phone. The former Precision Champion stares at this oblivious member of Precision staff and tenses his body, as if readying himself to pounce on him. After a split-second, however, he recoils, shakes his head and puts his face in his hands, before ducking quietly down a different backstage corridor. After a few seconds in which the nearby staff look at each other with concern, the cameraman follows him. Rogue spots the cameraman as he steps into the corridor and sighs deeply, takes a couple more deep breaths, then beckons them closer with a chuckle*

Jack: God damn it. My big break, my moment of re-ascension, my chance to reclaim a spot at the main event… and I blew it. I failed, I failed like I always seem to when the lights are brightest. And that’s… really frustrating.

*Jack sighs again, then looks down*

Jack: Is success temporary? Do I have it in me to get where I want to go? Is it even worth it to try?

*On that question Rogue pauses, freezes, then looks up and ahead of him with determination in his eyes*

Jack: Of course it is. I could never live with myself if I give up on my goals. My career will lie unfinished, maybe beyond my death, if I never win the World Heavyweight Championship. I couldn’t willingly leave it that way, by retiring or by distracting myself. I came within inches tonight, and I made plenty of mistakes. I’ve beaten Will Neilson before, I’ve won a big title before. I’ll do both again. The goal doesn’t change, but it’s back to the drawing board.

*The Brit pauses and nods to himself slowly*

Jack: Here we go again…

*He nods thanks to the cameraman before turning and walking away down the backstage corridor as the video fades out*

-End of segment-
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