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  1. *Colton enters a dark room and turns the light on, Colton sits down on a chair while he holds his championship on his shoulder*
    JJ Colton: This place really takes me back I was here with my sister, and I was sitting here speaking from my mind and she helped me get to where I am today and I thank her for that. Last week, I was in one of the best matches of my career, I defeated King Votan to become the 1st Iron Man champion, being the 1st man to win something like this is something that I will treasure for a long time, but this week will be different, this time I'm gonna defend this championship against Caleb Hayes, he's a mysterious man, he created his own book and he actually made it far in the World Heavyweight Championship tournament but he decided to give away his opportunity at the title, that was a very horrible thing to do I really don't wanna face a person like that but I gotta do what I gotta do I will get the job done and will stay as the Iron Man champion, and Caleb I got one more thing to say, when I see you in the ring I will do anything to make sure this title stays with me and I will do whatever to keep my path to success alive, so I want you to be 100% at your best and hit me with everything you got, because I will never give up.
    *Colton stand up and walks to the door, he shuts off the lights and leaves the room*