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Only a few days away from Extreme Rules and the Sasha Banks rumor mill is still heating up.

On this week’s episode of Raw, Nikki Cross heavily implied that SmackDown women’s champion Bayley needs to go find a friend before her two on one handicap title defense this Sunday.

So what if Bayley’s friend was also a Boss?

All week Banks has released photos across social media rocking her WWE approved purple hair while training in Japan with Meiko Satomura. Backstage no real news of Banks returning to WWE has leaked out yet.

Never to read too much into what Banks has posted on social media since taking an extended break from WWE post-WrestleMania 35, The Boss has now posted even more photos of her training sessions in Japan.

Satomura then released more photos of some recent in-ring practice.

ディック東郷さんにコーチとして来て頂いています。#SashaBanks はとても熱心です。#仙女#prowrestling

— 里村明衣子 meiko satomura (@satomurameiko) July 11, 2019
Famed pro wrestling trainer Dick Togo even got in on snapping pictures with the four-time Raw women’s champion.

二日間、仙女のコーチをやらせて頂きました。皆さん、若いから無限のスタミナがあります。普段の練習量が半端ないことがわかりました。こりゃ、強くなるはずだ。そして、来日中のサーシャ・バンクスも練習に参加。忘れないようメモを取るなど向上心が素晴らしかったです。ペコリ。#SashaBanks #仙女

— ディック東郷 (@boliviacuba) July 11, 2019
Going on three months away from WWE television, will this Sunday at Extreme Rules mark the return of Sasha Banks?

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Grievous 3D

Going on three months away from WWE television, will this Sunday at Extreme Rules mark the return of Sasha Banks?
Well...there isn't a reason for her to now is there?

The set up is gone because Bliss decided she didn't feel like wrestling again...
so the 2 on 1 becomes a simple 1 on 1...

So unless Sasha shows up to help Bayley (The Face) defeat Nikki Cross (The Heel)
2 on 1...then No...she isn't returning.

Although...WWE did just that at the 2017 Fastlane...

Does anyone else remember that?

Sasha helped Bayley defeat Charlotte 2 on 1 & it also ended Charlotte's pay per view
streak...& Charlotte was the heel at the time & Dana Brooke was nowhere in sight.

God that was terrible booking...


Stay at home Sasha...

You're young...

Train, get healthy, take their money & then go work somewhere else once that
contract expires.

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