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  1. Since I know everyone probably missed me, I'm back again.

    P.S. - My UID is lower than yours.

    And fuck you, Xanth.

    <3 Crayo
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  2. Hey welcome back and no...fuck crayo
  3. Welcome back.
  4. Welcome back.
  5. Who, the fuck, cares. We all would have noticed by your shitty LQ posting in the LR :pity2:
  6. I love you :upset:
  7. I've never met you before but welcome back to the forum! :emoji_slight_smile:
  8. Welcome back.
  9. OH HELL NO! I ownly like woman!
  10. Im a girl :phew:
  11. Welcome back Kyle. Yeah, fuck Xanth!
  12. Sorry but I couldn't help but notice my UID is way better than yours.
  13. Welcome back and all that good jazz. :otunga:
  14. :pity: Welcome to the random douche Crayo fanclub, your UID there is irrelevant, as you all are clownshoes who come here to post lq bullshit in the LR.

  15. Welcome back Kyle
  16. Welcome back :otunga:
  17. welcome back
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