Backlash Backlash: Full Card Predictions AOTM

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    Kalisto vs. Baron Corbin
    American Alpha vs. The Usos
    Curt Hawkins vs. Dolph Ziggler
    Nikki Bella vs. Carmella vs. Becky Lynch vs. Naomi
    The Miz vs. Apollo Crews
    Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton
    Dean Ambrose vs. AJ Styles

    So American Alpha predicted to take on the Usos for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship, Nikki, Carmella, Becky, and Naomi to face off for the SmackDown Women's Chmapionship, Miz and Apollo once again to face off with the Intercontinental Championship on the line and we have Dean and AJ, but I am guessing this is the most predictable of the predictions card.

    Based on these, the ones that matter anyways... Alpha wins, Nikki wins, Dean wins, and Miz wins.

    **AOTM = As of this moment
  2. They'd be much better off with a Becky Lynch/Nikki Bella singles match. Looking like a very weak card and seems to be a bad result of the brand split, while I think Raw can hold a PPV on their own SDL can definitely not that is if this prediction is correct though.
  3. - Kalisto vs Baron Corbin for the newly designed Pre-Show Title match.
    Who'll be the inaugural Pre-Show champ, as well as earn the nickname Pre-Show Stopper? Find out exclusively on the WWE Network. :hhh2:

    - American Alpha vs The Usos for SmackDown Tag Team Championship.
    Or, we could be seeing yet another 12-man tag team match, but this time it'd be done to determine SmackDown's tag champs. Whatever happens, AA wins.

    - Curt Hawkins vs Dolph Ziggler? Talk about something random.
    Yes, Ziggler needs a rebound win, but Hawkins is a returning star who shouldn't be losing right away. But then again, Jinder Mahal was signed to RAW, and then lost the next week, so as the cliche goes: Anything can happen in the WWE.

    - SmackDown Women's Championship tournament finals: Becky Lynch vs Nikki Bella.
    First off, the new title should not be called the "Divas" title. If the company wants people to start caring about the blue brand's women's division, then creating a high-stakes tournament would be a good option. I also wouldn't mind a Fatal 4-Way to crown the new women's champ. But, it'd be Becky vs Nikki vs Naomi vs Alexa in my book. Whatever they end up doing, Nikki's coming out victorious, although I'd prefer Becky.

    - The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship.
    Alright. Logically, Apollo was pinned clean as a whistle at SummerSlam, so he should be heading to the back of the line. However, it wouldn't surprise me if they ended up doing a rematch, or hell, maybe even a triple-threat - The Miz vs DZ vs Crews.

    - Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt

    - Dean Ambrose vs AJ Styles for the WWE World Championship

    That's all I've got for now. Things should be clearer after tonight's episode.
  4. Why Bray vs Randy? I am sure I missed something somewhere.

    As for the new belt, I don't think they would call it the Divas Championship. They done away with that. If they wanna get people invested should do some kind of hardcore title for the women's end. Nothing as big/brutal as the old Hardcore men's title but you get what I mean I am sure. I would much rather see Becky win as well. Brie was the better wrestler of the twins in my book. Nikki is just annoying. lol

    Yeah I thought it was weird when I read the Ziggler vs Curt thing. I pulled these predictions from somewhere though, these are not my own. I honestly wouldn't be able to guess a full card set till after tonight's Smackdown.
  5. - They teased a confrontation with Orton and Wyatt after that Slater/Bryan/Shane segment aired. Here:
    Show Spoiler

    39:11 mark

    - I actually have no idea how they're gonna call the new women's title, but all we can hope for is that it is not a "Divas" title again. That'd be awful.
    As for Nikki, she's actually improved. From the day she became the Divas champ and by the end of her reign, she was a different performer. But, to each their own.

    - Yeah, Ziggler vs Hawkins seemed weird and totally out of the blue, indeed. lol
  6. Not able to watch in my country? :mad2:


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  7. The hell? lol
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  8. Official matches

    WWE Title Match
    AJ Styles vs. Dean Ambrose

    Six Pack Challenge to Crown the First SmackDown Women’s Champion
    Natalya vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Nikki Bella vs. Carmella vs. Naomi vs. Becky Lynch

    Finals of the SmackDown Tag Team Tournament to Crown the First Champions
  9. I'd love it if the tag team tournament finals were AA vs Slater & Rhyno, but instead we're getting The Usos.

    The downside is they're probably gonna turn heel and win.
  10. [​IMG]
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  11. I think after that epic promo by the Miz that John Cena is going to defend Bryan and challenge Miz for the IC title. Cena has never held the IC title so this would be a great feud. They have had past rivalries and both are on similar paths to being actors.
  12. Confirmed:
    Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt (leaked)
    Dean Ambrose vs. AJ Styles
    Nikki Bella vs. Carmella vs. Becky Lynch vs. Naomi vs. Natalya vs. Alexa Bliss
    The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler
    American Alpha vs. Heath Slater and Rhyno
    Baron Corbin vs. Apollo Crews (This would be a good feud for both men)
  13. I don't see Corbin vs Crews happening at Backlash. I see Corbin vs Kalisto happening and it's likely to be a pre-show match.

    I mean, they were doing these backstage segments where Corbin was bullying Kalisto, but then just stopped. They'll probably go back to that next week.

    They also teased a feud with Kane last night, so... There's that.
  14. The Miz vs DZ for the IC title is now official. It's on
  15. American Alphas are pulled per the storyline when the Usos attacked them.

    Usos vs. Hype Bros will happen since they were the other semi final teams and winners will face Slater and Rhyno
  16. The Usos will win, then.
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