Backstage concern on creative overworking top talent

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, May 30, 2012.

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  1. PWinsider and Seescoops reported today that there is concerns backstage that creative are overworking top tier talent like Cena and CM Punk by having them pull double duty on both Smackdown and RAW all summer. Cena and Punk are scheduled to appear on every Smackdown for at least all of July. People backstage not connected to creative say that Cena needs a well deserved long break and Punk should be kept to RAW to not burn him out as well.

    Smart move creative. Overwork your two arguably biggest stars and increase the risk of injury. Keep them on one show at least.

  2. Fantastic move, and they are doing the same with Sheamus and Orton. Lets see some faces besides these four for a change!
  3. Both Cena and Punk need it the most if you ask me, they are the two most hard working apparently. Cena needs it for personal reasons like sorting out his divorce and taking a well deserved break to charge the batteries.

    For Punk it is his body. Since he is straight edge he doesn't take any painkillers. His body must hurt like hell. Yet he soldiers on. Kudos for that.
  4. It would do them both some good to have just one show at a time. Especially since Punk is turning into Cena Part 2.
  5. Shoot, Cena's been on Raw once a week, plus house shows for every single week for the past 3 years, plus being dominated in PPV matches. He definitely needs some time off, that oughta be a lot of pain he's in...
  6. It would be worse for everyone. For them, who would be exhausted and battered every week, and for us, who would have to see them twice a week every week. It's bad from every point of view.
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  7. Less Sheamful = win
    More Cena = loss

    Win/Loss = still don't give a shit about SmackDown lololol
  8. I kinda agree about overworking them, but between SD's debut and before the brand extension, pretty much everyone (top talent at least) worked two shows (Raw and Smackdown) a week...
  9. Honestly it will probably raise the ratings with little kids watching. This gives me another good reason to never tune in to SD again though.
  10. Well I understnad why WWE is doing it I with Y2J out and Orton now out who as Cole has been saying for a month that Orton is the best player on SmackDown and gong for 2 month! And an Underknow of when Undertaker is coming back which I still say he coming before SummerSlam Kane on Raw Big Show Raw and Shumus being own guy other Bryan on SmackDown to carry show and Bryan is been Raw more even he SmackDown still! This to me should be more reason to have a WWE Draft on Jane 11 the last 3 hour show before the 1000th Raw were that go 3 hour full time! But Cm Punk should just doing on Raw well Cena no one as a SmackDown care about Cena on SmackDown and does not help SmackDown at all!

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