Backstage Fallout for June 25, Swagger, Dolph and ADR

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  1. Swagger teasing a face turn?
  2. anyone else think swagger could pull off a JBL gimmick looking at him in the backstage segment? O.O he definitely need to get rid of that one piece thingy attire and go for trunks
  3. Creative really needs to heel up the promos they write for Dolph. He sounds like a face almost every time he talks.
  4. Yeah. And honestly the dialogue itself is the major problem but how he says it. If he was more aggressive in his way of saying it he would sound much more heelish
  5. I actually quite enjoy Dolph as he is just now. They just need to get rid of Vickie and he's playing a really good tweener role to be honest. If they put him against a face he can get himself booed unless it's Sheamus, and if they put him up against heels he will easily outpop them. It would make perfect sense if Vickie wasn't there.
  6. I agree, but obviously Vickie is messing up the idea that he could be a tweener at this point.
  7. Swagger's still a heel?
  8. Swagger will probably turn face soon, considering that interview. Ziggler does sound like a face.
  9. Vamanos Ricardo!
  10. what is with the whole swagger jobbing to everyone lately?
    hes far to talented to be getting squashed week in week out
    i mean santino? come on?
    yes santino is entertaining but is he at the point where he is squashing former world champions
  11. I am also perplexed. I know Swagger got punished for growing over confident when he was pushed back in 09-10. But one would think that they would have eased up by now. He is easy money if booked correctly. One of their better ring workers and I have long propagated a face turn for him. He would get over easily with a revived all American gimmick as a face.
  12. i agree he is a very sound ring worker.. but he has been getting punished for a while now.. i mean he did the whole michael cole storyline last year and now hes on an epic losing streak
    besides the fact that its wrong to keep him down like that, it looks bad having a world champion getting beat up consistently


    and i know he isnt great on the mike... given his speech impedement and all but thats what managers are for.. thats what i thought the whole vickie thing was all about... apparently i was wrong
  13. See i dislike Swagger but I do agree that he is really being victimised atm constantly buried or used to help get someone else where they are going. They need to sort him and soon as losing Vickie has hurt him and this could be the time to make him over and bring him back with a improved gimmick and version of the all american american and be a badass.
  14. he really is just a rehatched angle.. and i remember after the whole head shaving incident with angle he came back with the mouth guard and he just looked more intense and focussed... i think it was late 2005-2006 he got this push.... it was majorly effective and he got over as a mean son of a bitch... it worked for angle why not swagger
  15. What Swagger needs is a clear face turn in front of the people and a more intense and aggressive ring style. The later he has teased during RAW's and PPV's to positive reactions so give him that and a face turn of the attitude ECW Swagger had. Swagger was balling in ECW.
  16. I agree about his ring style needs to much more aggressive to get rid of this burying stigma on his back as he looks so weak right now.
  17. he was starting to get on a roll and then he just dissappeared... lost forever in a sea of mid cards and boring segments.. i could also see him having a good crack in the tag team division with someone like the miz who could handle the promos
  18. Imagine Swagger doing a run in on either a live RAW or Smackdown or a PPV to save a face that is being beat down by a aggressive heel that is credible. Swagger showing a new intense/aggressive ring style. Swagger over as new mid card face.


    Swagger can cut promos. Just look at his ECW run. He held some solid heel promos. And he has a ton of charisma when utilized correctly. His youtube channel is proof of that.
  19. i think you just solved swaggers problems.... if only he came out to the cage at nwo
  20. The perfect moment for his face turn would be on next weeks Smackdown since it is live and on the day before the fourth of July. If that ain't a opportunity to turn the All American face I don't know what is.
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