"Backstage Fallout" SmackDown - April 20, 2012

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Apr 21, 2012.

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  2. Brodus is a boss.
  3. Swoggle in his Brodus tracksuit made me lol. I wouldn't mind that becoming a fixture of his gimmick like a little manager, it could set up a decent feud if someone destroys swoggle.
  4. Brodus is just straight up pimping. Nice to hear Drew and Heath discuss Ryback and I think I saw slight traces of early E&C in Young and Titus. They aim for the tag team titles (Just to have a team that aims for the title helps the division and boy does it need help.) Plus they seem to incorporate some of the fun loving attitude we saw in early Edge and Christian. Going to be interesting to see.
  5. I hope they help the tag division. Epico & Primo, Usos, Kidd and Gabriel (when the later returns), Titus & Darren seems like a good start to bring the tag division back into... well, at least having someone to challenge for the titles.
  6. This Brodus gimmick is working really well atm gotta love it and I hope to hell that they give him a decent feud and make the most of him as he's getting over despite him squashing ppl week in week out. Hopefully this Zigger and Swagger feud will actually have a decent match in it pushing him.
  7. Brodus absolutely destroying Hornswoggle sounds good to me.
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