Backstage Fight Between Daniel Bryan & Triple H, Final RAW Rating

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Jun 19, 2013.

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  1. Daniel Bryan’s injury on RAW (a stinger) caused the finish of his match against Randy Orton to be changed. the original plan was for Daniel Bryan to go over clean, however, the injury resulted in the match finish being changed on the fly.​
    According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, there was a heated argument backstage, with Daniel Bryan and Triple H yelling at each other in the gorilla position. Bryan was said to be irate with the match being called off – which surprised many observers, since Bryan is usually very soft spoken. The two later apologized to each other.​

    WOW! I guess it was a really injury, But I still thing the should not have been stop that should have just had Bryan get a roll up pin win. It make no sense to stop a no dq match. Hope HHH does not to bury Bryan for this.​

  2. Bryan takes his craft seriously, so I could see him being displeased enough to raise his voice to someone like Triple H if they stopped the match when he felt he was able enough to continue. I also love Bryan standing up to others and speaking his mind.
  3. Was odd seeing Orton help Bryan up after the match, made it feel legit. Guess Orton's not being as much of a backstage prick anymore.
  4. You go, Bryan! :goatface:
  5. Already posted
  6. Well known that Vince and HHH respect and prefer people who stand up to them. If anything, Bryan probably helped himself :obama:
  7. This will be a good thing not a bad one. Vinny Mac and HHH like guys who stand up for what they think is correct. Think back to how HHH was in A/E, he never hid. Think of Michaels/Austin before that, not showing any different respect to Vince that they would anyone else backstage.
  8. :yes: vs :bury: in a beard vs shovel match!!
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