Backstage heat on Antonio Cesaro

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 21, 2013.

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  1. ewrestlingnews
  2. Why is he being punished? Stupid reporting.
  3. Would be more credible if there was at least some hint why Vince 'went sour on him.'
  4. It says "there is a belief" he's being punished, but I can't begin to imagine what for.
  5. The only news regarding Cesaro that I can remember is that CM Punk said he should be on the Mania card.
  6. Wth this is stupid. So he punished okay..
  7. Punished for what, having good matches?
  8. WWE 'punishing' one of their best and most promising wrestlers? Makes sense to me.
  9. Cesaro is a great wrestler. I don't understand why Vince would have a problem with him...
  10. This just in: Cesaro is being punished for being in great shape, making Sin Cara look like a semi decent wrestler, and actually making the US Titie desirable for a short amount of time.

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  11. So having an interesting character and performing it so well is reason to be punished? Whatever you say Vince.....
  12. I think the yodelling is terrible. Cesaro deserves better.
  13. I wonder how pissed Cesaro is right now.....what if they are planning for Cesaro to disappear then a dominate tag team appears out of nowhere..........with Kassius fucking Ohno!
  14. Being punished yet kept dominant on the house show circuit? Seems legit.
    Hopefully they are just figuring out something for him to do.
  15. WWE Logic doesn't factor this in i'm afraid at the moment it's. "CENA DERP, MIZ DERP"
  16. Of course Vince is mad. I mean look at him. Antonio is a strong heel, was developing well as a character, made a almost dead title belt look like something half decent again, and was winning matches. This guy was out of control, and he needed to be put down.
  17. So another attempt of burying talents?
  18. Maybe they are setting up a bigger push,MITB?
  19. That's what I think. He seems to be going through the Dolph motion right now. Where it doesn't seem that they know what to do with him at the moment (logical considering how much focus was on the big 3 for mania). He will likely get some more momentum as the post mania stories get going. Antonio as the new MITB would be good.
  20. Maybe it was for something like not wearing a suit :pity:

    Either way, didn't this same dirtsheet report that WWE was trying to write a feud for him at WM, but Christian wasn't cleared and Sin Cara got hurt again? Loldirtsheets.
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