Backstage mood + info on Lawler

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 11, 2012.

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  2. Glad the EMTs came there fast and saved his life.
  3. Update on twitter from Stacy Carter @stacycarterkat - Just got a @JerryLawler update. He had a stint & a balloon put in. Right now he is still heavily sedated. Will update when I know more
  4. Man this is horrible. Even though he's stable there's a very high chance he could die from this.
  5. Get well soon Lawler.
  6. Mhm. Talked with my dad today and asked a bit since he worked as a EMT. Lawler was reported to have been legally dead for 20 minutes (lack of oxygen and blood to the brain) that is three times longer than needed for some serious brain damage. And "survivors" of these kind of heart attacks don't tend to last long.

  7. I really hope Lawler gets better, good to know the EMTs saved him.
  8. Its obvious everyones mood would be sad there not exactly gonna be jumping up and down. Also thank god for the EMT's and also its a good job Jerry wasent alone somewhere else otherwise he would of died
  9. Still not a positive situation. He was reportedly legally dead for 20 minutes with lack of blood and oxygen flowing to the brain. That is three times the needed time for serious brain damage to develop and most "survivors" of that big a heart attack don't last long at all.
  10. If this happened during the tag team match, what would WWE do? I know WWE go off to commercial break but after that, what would they do?
  11. Holy shit... I didn't think of that. That's probably what caused it!
  12. :downer:
  13. Heard this sad shit went down last night, didn't know about it until morning. Sad to hear it and its scary to think someone was dead for 20 mins. Here's hoping he'll be fine.
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  14. Nah it wouldn't be that.
  15. spot said 20 mins dead, this shit is horrible. Hope he pulls through, and WWE gets realistiic with old performers.
  16. Imagine how weird Orton and Ziggler are feeling from it... They had a match with the man, and after a short period he suffers from a heart-attack...

    Very sad to hear about the 20 minutes.
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