Survivor Series Backstage news & notes on Survivor Series tonight

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Nov 18, 2012.

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  1. Typical Meltzer bullshit no doubt.
  2. I'd like to poke around in the head of Meltzer sometime. See how someone like he ticks.
  3. Obviously Punk will retain. :facepalm: Who writes this crap.
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  4. Ribak winnen tonite calin it
  5. Dave Meltzer
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  6. Does he have a Twitter machine in which I can abuse him.
  8. Thanks.. :vince:
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  9. Typical speculation.
  10. Meltzer reminds me of a lad I know who reckons he's a music critic yet knows nothing about any music that hasn't charted or isn't in the charts!

    In other words makes me LOL!
  11. I sent him a piece of my mind. :smug:
  12. Just followed you on twitter lmfao nice one lad!
  13. Ha-ha, thanks. I'll follow you back now.
  14. Gimme your twittah machine Lacky so I can follow you and so we can both write a horse crap on Meltzah's twittah! :vince:

    :facepalm: Terrible twitter. Terrible. :haha:
  15. My Twitter Machine is on the forum homepage :true:
  16. :dawg:

  17. This is so much win, srsly.
  18. You're welcome, I sometimes just get an inspiration to bury people, much like Triple H.:bury:
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