Backstage news on ADR and Dolph cashing in.

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  2. Good. The longer he holds the title the bigger the impact will be once he drops it. Either to Dolph or someone else.
  3. Good news, he seems to be really enjoying himself as a face. Let him run with it for a bit.
  4. Lol, bad luck Ziggler.
  5. Hoping that Dolph cashes in AT Wrestlemania.
  6. I'll need to see more out of his title run than a week, before I can judge. So far it's been interesting.
  7. Seems like a nice idea.
    The longer Dolph has the briefcase the longer he's in the main event scene.
  8. How bout this booking....

    Have Antonio Cessaro win this years MITB at WM...

    Ziggler cashes in on a weary Del Taco.
    Ziggler beats Del Rio in ten minutes and then that's when Big E turns on him.

    Cessaro cashes in right afterwards...
    2 cash ins...
    2 title changes...

    Mark out moments!!
  9. A briefcase lasts only one year...
  10. Yep... WM is not a year.... It had its own PPV
  11. My bad, misread that part.
  12. Good for ADR, bad for Dolph..

    On another note, it really won't help Dolph get over as a champ with Big E cleaning up the dirt constantly..
  13. The only thing with Del Rio going into WM with the title is who is he going to face. It won't be big show again. Antonio Cesaro will most likely be defending his title against Miz. Wade barrett will be defending his title against someone too. Randy Orton and Sheamus will be facing off. Ryback and Big Show will most likely be facing off. The only other heel that could face ADR would be Ziggler but he's mr MitB so he likely won't be facing him. It will be interesting.
    On a saide note, I am really like Del Rio as a face. As much as I wanted Miz to be WHC, Del Rio is doing a good job. He should have started as a face.
  14. Yeah, I'm liking ADR as a face so far too. Hoping to see Ziggler cash in against him at WM, but nice point, if he's not facing Ziggler then, who'd he face?
  15. WTF nooooooooooooooo Dolph should be cashing in and taking the title off Alberto Del Rio before Wrestleamia 29 this is so fucked up Dolph should be champion by now
  16. Just like Kelly should be divas champ?
  17. I like ADR's current face run, he is a lot more enjoyable and entertaining than when he was a Heel.
    He deserves this title run and I really hope it lasts as long as possible before dropping it to Dolph, which will help both superstars when the change occurs..
  18. It's funny how much of a big difference face/heel turns make. This time last year having a Del Rio/Show segment would make me stop watching and post a rant about how shit the product is here. Now, I'm strangely enjoying it.

    Show Spoiler
    yes I did just say I'm enjoying Big Show
  19. Re: RE: Backstage news on ADR and Dolph cashing in.

    Same here, mania is his last night to cash in right? It will add drama if it doesn't happen till like the end of the show, then bam ziggles does it
  20. No, he can cash in until this year's MITB PPV in July.
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