Backstage news on AJ Lee's role as GM

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jose Tortilla, Sep 23, 2012.

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    Too bad it didn't work out.. Hope Flair will become GM then. WOO!
  2. They actually expected A.J to be a good GM. Jesus fucking christ, are WWE creative retarded? Get Flair in there. Woooo!
  3. as soon as vince announced her as GM i was like :facepalm: and i still feel that way. she definitely has to go, i just hope they can think of a good way to get rid of her. bring in heyman or flair to replace her
  4. I think Flair will replace her.
  5. No Heyman he's in with Punk, I want Flair dammit.
  6. I want Flair because Heyman's working with Punk.

    The confrontations between Heyman and Flair would be amazing.

  7. I can imagine Flair right now getting so worked up he's super red in the face and your saying to yourself. "Calm the fuck down Flair, you're gonna' have a heart attack"
  8. yall forgot about something. who will Take The job let me see you have Theodoro Long. Vickie Guerrero. Matt Striker. Jerry Lawler. Josh Mathews. Randy Ortion


    you welcome
  9. It won't be any of those Randall. Most likely choices are Vicki or Ric Flair.
  10. Haha exactly.

    Like this

  11. Aj should be in the divas division wrestling her crazy gm role burnt out. They should make Eve general manager. :yes:
  12. No active wrestler should be GM, it's stupid.
  13. I'm guessing it won't happen until SS.
  14. Survivor Series?
  15. No, summerslam.. :willis:
  16. Well let's wait that long then. :notsure:
  17. I told you AJ wouldnt be high with Vince for long and look whats happened hes got bored of her already. She will soon disappear like other divas have done after a push
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