Backstage News On AJ & WWE's Current GM Storyline

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Lacky, Oct 25, 2012.

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  2. Was just going to post this :wtf:
  3. Well I posted it well over an hour ago. :pity:
  4. Indeed, it's very good for AJ as well that she left this role so now she can be put in some entertaining storyline, and I'm looking forward to Flair. Not sure if he'll be there or not but I hope so.
  5. I really enjoyed AJ as a diva(wrestling) I'm hoping she gets back to her ways and maybe beats the weave off eve
  6. Prolly' gonna' lead to a AJ Diva reign.
  7. I'm glad that AJ's not general manager anymore as I want to see her progress and further develop her career as a wrestler which she signed and trained up to do. Ric Flair being the general manager would be awesome, entertaining and certainly interesting for me personally.
  8. Yeah I think quite a lot of people want Flair, Wooo!
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