Backstage news on Cara, Most botched match yet

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Sep 16, 2012.

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  2. Heavily edited, yeah... although they couldn't edit his botched finisher out.
  3. Fire this man, hire someone I actually enjoy watching.
  4. ^This. There are plenty of guys on the indies who can do all the flips and stuff and not botch as much, as well as having more sinergy with his offense instead of just random spots.

    There are a few guys out there... Tyson Kidd... Evan Bourne... Justin Gabriel... WWE should hire those guys.
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  5. Yeah, Mistico isn't really needed if all they want is a guy to do the flippy-doos and whatever.
  6. I like Sin Cara, he just needs to get put into WWE training.
  7. I agree, he should've spent some time in FCW.
  8. Give the mask to Hunico, he was a better Cara than Cara.
  9. Also Sin Cara needs to speak English.
  10. It's annoying because Tyson Kidd can do everything Cara can pretty much -- as proved at Night of Champions -- but is left on NXT (even though that show is awesome). Tyson is one of the best wrestlers in the world, he speaks English, he never botches, it's like having a more high-flying Dolph Ziggler not being used.

    I understand Cara has the mask and he needs to appear, so those calling for his firing are pretty silly, but put him in FCW and train him. Do something to train him. Replace him temporarily with Hunico again, as Hunico speaks English and never seems to botch and can more or less do what Cara can do.

    Cara -- if trained properly -- is an amazing acquisition to the WWE so firing him is not an option.
  11. Yes Cara is a worthwhile acquisition but they need to teach him how to communicate with the other wrestlers before something goes terribly wrong because of something as silly as communication problems which possibly ends a wrestlers career and would became a major black stain on Mistico's career.
  12. I think that's why he's tagging with Rey, did he have any problems whilst working with Hunico?
  13. The main problem is communication but the fact that Cara isn't 100% adapted to the American style is also a problem.
  14. Hunico doesn't botch? - How long has he been competing in the states?
  15. Half of his career. Hunico is a Mexican-American (born in Texas) trained in Mexico competing on both sides of the border. Mistico is born and trained in Mexico and only used to the Lucha style.

    Mysterio was born in California and trained in California before his uncle shipped him down to Mexico for his final training and to start his career.
  16. I'm talking about Mistico, not Hunico. But yeah, Hunico speaks fluent English and has been in FCW/the US for a lot longer than Cara.
  17. I know, I was just saying like "Hunico doesn't botch so why does cara?" kind of question.

    And If he's been in the states longer. I guess that's why. Send Cara to development. :smug:
  18. A more in depth answer @[Lacky]
  19. Thanks for the share Stopspot.
  20. Pretty much what I said lol :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    No, Hunico/Cara feud was botchless and had good quality matches, so it's a massive clue that it's communication only, but Cara can't adapt to the WWE style of wrestling. Where as Hunico has.

    But you're right, that's why he's with Rey.
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