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  1. reported last week how the Antonio Cesaro vs. Kofi Kingston match from Main Event was praised by several WWE talents on Twitter. The match also received praise among WWE officials but the success of the match was credited to Cesaro.
    The feeling was that Cesaro made the match excellent and that’s why he was booked to face Randy Orton on this week’s Main Event.
    Regarding the promo Cesaro cut on Monday’s RAW after defeating Zack Ryder, it was almost the same promo he cut at last week’s WWE NXT tapings after defeating Yoshi Tatsu. It appears WWE has decided to do away with Cesaro’s yodeling gimmick.
    Source: PWMania

    The thing about this, They let him do that promo and let him job, As long as he is pushed soon, I will be happy.
  2. Great, no more yodeling and a renewed push. Match at ME was indeed awesome. Just hope they don't make him job to Orton for no reason.
  3. This guy is always on point. If they build strong, sure. Jobbing? Never.
  4. Good, the yodeling was annoying. Hopefully they push him to be the IC champion, since I still think he needs to find his character before going to the main event scene.
  5. Yodelling was a gimmick? Really, who is that WWE Creative team? :hogan:
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