Backstage news on Christian's TNA appearance

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. PWMania
  2. sounds like an underground slave trading business :lol1:
  3. It is silly that they didn't even advertise him for the event. And what did he even do, announce the date that Sting debuted with the company? WOW
  4. Read this b4 you Crayo, but didn't bother to post it. :baws: Thanks btw for letting me know about PWMania, they're cool so far.
  5. It's nice Dixie can be civil about this and that Christian is loyal and professional to WWE here
  6. They're beasts. Might try and strike a partnership with them. #BusinessSideOfCrayo
  7. I thought his appearance was pretty boring and a bit of a waste. Might have had something to do with the restrictions WWE put on him, but who knows.

    This coming from a long time Christian mark
  8. Please don't do business with them. You'll drove them out it because you constantly drop the ball! #GodSavePWMania
  9. He didn't look very in to it when he showed up so this didn't really suprise me.
  10. Well, he only did it because he had to. He didn't want to do it, so it makes sense that his segment wasn't very good or whatever. Must feel weird to do something like that.
  11. How unfriendly. :downer:
  12. Mission accomplished![​IMG]
  13. It's hard to believe that he didn't want to be there. I mean, the company gave him the opportunity to have his name on the list of greats that have held the NWA Heavyweight Championship. It sounds like he might be nearing the end of his career.
  14. WTF Christian didnt want to be at TNA's PPV erm hello this is the company who gave Christian a chance after leaving WWE in 2000 and this is how he re pays them
  15. Christian left WWE in 2005. Also of course you will be uncomfortable showing up at a major event for a rival company when your boss is Vince McMahon.
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  16. i regularly watch TNA and would like to see christian on it.
  17. WWE should have given Christian a World title in 2005, he was doing an awesome job back then.
  18. What Leo said, his heel run was gold and he should have beaten Cena IMO.
  19. I see why he is uncomfortable and didn't want to be there.
    Example: You leave your home country for another country. You leave that country to go back to your home country and now these two countries are at war. There's a deal between them two to where you must go back and talk to the people. It'll be uncomfortable because your are with the opposing country now.

    Same thing is with Christian. Except WWE and TNA have always competed, but it's still the same feeling.
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  20. You can tell in his promo he didn't want to be there :emoji_slight_frown:.
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