Backstage News On CM Punk From Raw

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jose Tortilla, Aug 31, 2012.

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    Not a bad idea imo..
  2. I still think he bled accidentaly.
  3. :laugh:

    Who knows. Still cool to see that they want to spice it up a little.
  4. It's a nice touch, yes.
  5. The cut seemed too jagged to be a blade job...blades cut clean. Cut out the staples pic on Twitter...
  6. A bit of a Edge? I don't want Edge. I want PG to go full stop.
  7. ajlee need to put ryback and lord tensie in a match this Monday night as the main event
  8. That's good I suppose. Hope to see more aggressive side of Punk.
  9. Hopefully a little more aggression from more of the heels. I've noticed ADR is a little more aggressive.
  10. They're not going away from PG anytime in the near future. It's too expensive in terms of lost sponsor/advertising dollars to leave TV-PG and go TV-14. As it is they're TV-PG and will stay that way.

    Having said that, I, too, am seeing more aggression and a bit more realism from the characters in WWE, particularly the heels. For what it's worth, I believe Punk had a legit cut to the top of his head (blade jobs are cleaner and easier to stitch up, usually not requiring staples, if they require any stitching at all). The fact that he was immediately tweeting about it and it's been so widely discussed among the fanbase suggests that WWE is going to be worrying less about blood. Remember, in the end, they're supposed to be professional fighters and CM Punk has led the way in this, followed closely by guys like Daniel Bryan and ADR.

    As usual, it's the heels that drive the bus in innovation in WWE (not just WWE, they do it in TNA, ROH, and every other pro wrestling promotion, as well; we're just talking about WWE here). Hopefully, this is a sign that WWE will show a harder edge on its characters.

  11. It's sad that Punk referring to himself as simply what he is (i.e a wrestler) is considered 'edgy.'
  12. Sad, but true.

    (Metallica, for the :win:)

  13. That's true, nowadays it's like "oh my he called himself a wrestler :hardcore:"
  14. Ha, that made me chuckle, I think it's a complete joke that they have to call themselves "Superstars".
  15. Indeed.
  16. CM Punk going against the PG era and bringing back blood that isnt gonna do well for Linda's campaign but I dont think he gives a shit as hes probably retiring soon
  17. Blood ain't coming back, like I said earlier.
  18. What he said.
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