Backstage News On CM Punk

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 15, 2013.

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  1. They'll suck his dick to make him stay eww.
  2. Punk has the WWE in the palm of his hands
  3. Punk can do anything he wants now, He is such a big draw that they will do anything and pay anything for him to stay.
  4. Really hope they try and come up with something inventive regarding the contract rather than copy Summer of Punk '11. They should save it for a WM fued with Cena :fap:

  5. I hope they don't do the contract thing at all on TV.
  6. I'm all for it if they have a more heelish Cena calling him out on it all being complete BS he speaks - although I guess Rock has already done that.
  7. There's no point in even making the contractual issue known on television.
  8. Heelish Cena? Yeah that's where this becomes fantasy, the first time was awesome the second was similar due to the time difference but another Punk holding the company hostage angle is so dull now IMO. If anything he can either lead an outsiders stable or take them out as his own intellectual property who isn't under a legal obligation with anyone. Mix Sting / AJ and SOP
  9. They teased it a little bit last time round, both he and HHH were slightly more heel than we have seen them in the last 8 years or so. The idea of an outsiders stable is absolutely awesome though IMO.

  10. I'm not sure how either were heelish tbh, Trips was being Trips and Cena was trying to stop the guy disgracing the WWE title even go so far to have a crack at Laurinatas as he tried to screw Punk to win it right.

  11. hahaha. oh, wow.

  12. Don't you remember all those PPVs he headlined?
  13. I remember BOTH of those PPVs he headlined. The one pre-requisite for Punk to ME a PPV is he has to be working with Cena or Rock. Otherwise TO THE MIDCARD with you, criminal scum.
  14. You're drunk he mainevented Wrestlemania 28 against a broomstick, Extreme Rules against a rockstar and MITB against a goat.
  15. Damn forgot about that thing with laurinaitis, yeah ignore me then lol. Trips was though, although I think that was more from Punk's mic work than by design.
  16. Cena main evented all of those shows
  17. Punk is WWE's second biggest draw, so he's a "big draw" for them in terms of who they can rely on as their top guys. Not counting part timers, of course.
  18. Huh?

    Obvious lies, CM Punk = face of the WWE. Cena needs Punk to draw.

  19. I really need to find the thread that was posted here showing Punk as a top draw on RAW. WWE rely on Punk a lot now for gate sales too (house shows ofc).
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