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  1. I assumed that was the case.
  2. Turn your fucking caps lock off.
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  3. You neglected to mention that some of them were real random fans.
  4. Well duh, no real promotion allows fans into the ring.

    Some of the people in the ring were hand picked fans, but majority were WWE employees.
  5. GOAT wwef user ^
  6. uh i tpye was sescoops post dick!
  7. I'm sorry what are you trying to say again? Look on any other site and it will say that there were fans in the mix as well.
  8. go to the link were i posted the source that is how that posted it i just copy in and paste on here STFU A TROLL!
  9. Do your research fella. And how am I even trolling when I'm posting about the original post being slightly off? That makes no sense, as I was simply pointing out that fans were a part of the Occupy RAW segment as well as workers.
  10. sescoops isn't even legit.
  11. U fuckin saying my fail when I posting sescoops posted that fuckin troll asshole everyone know it is!
  13. The caps weren't necessary
  14. OCC: BUT THAT WHAT I DO! anyway when I copy and paste the title from sescoops that how it came out.
  15. What I found interesting, is that inthe history of the WWE, when the 'Boss' called for 'Security,
    a whole bunch of guys came to the rescue. But on Monday night RAW on the 10th, they could only summon ** 2 ** Security guys? Come on.... what a bunch of crap..Oh wait...I was in the script..
  16. Yeah lol the rest of security was in the "Yes! Movement".
    The black guy who was overly hugging DB was a handpicked fan I'm 100% positive, in fact I think he was probably a "make-a-wish" person.
  17. It was obvious really, real fans can do all sorts of stuff
  18. Fun Fact: The old man texting is also the same old man that Titus takes the turkey from in Raw Fallout, supposedly.
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