News Backstage News On Daniel Bryan's WWE Status, WWE Selling Off His Merchandise

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. "WWE has reduced the price of Daniel Bryan merchandise at live events by 60% to help clear it out. This could be another indication that Bryan isn't expected back any time soon but they are also doing the same with Rey Mysterio, who is expected back, and Zack Ryder, who will be back in six months.
    While Bryan is still featured on WrestleMania 31 promotional material, there is still no internal timetable for his return and there are no plans for him in the WrestleMania season storylines. WWE's writers have been told not to figure Bryan into any programs until further notice."



    Get well soon, champ! We miss ya.
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  2. Hmm, interesting I might have to snipe me a Iced-Z shirt while it's on sale like that, not that I'd wear to anywhere other than bed or working out but still deals like this are the only times I really invest into some WWE shit.
  3. R.I.P

    At least he had his 15 minutes
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  4. :upset:

    Here's to hoping he comes back, though... One can dream.
  5. He's coming back at the Rumble, don't worry.
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  6. From your lips to God's ears, mate.
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  7. Both him and Reigns, I suppose. Reigns is winning it, Danielson will be in the last four.
  8. He'll return. He'll never reach the heights he did (and, really, even if he hadn't gotten injured he probably wouldn't reach it anyways), but he'll be back.
  9. ... for commentary.
  10. In a wheelchair, for his early farewell
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  11. If Bryan were to get well enough to come back at the Rumble, he'll be winning it.

    But, his career is over and Kane has single handedly taken out Punk & Bryan within a 6 months.
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  12. Damn Kane. Always has to ruin things.
  13. BNB looks to potentially return for the Rumble as well, he and Reigns will be a pretty pleasant sighting in the ring as opposed to the same several roster members going up for weeks to even a few months straight now.
  14. Yup, and it's gonna be even better if some of the NXT talent gets called up in the meantime and debuts/partakes in the Rumble.

    What is this again, a 30 or a 40 men Royal Rumble? I think Cole announced it like a month or two ago that it is going to be a 30-person contest, IIRC.
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