News Backstage news on Eva Marie; Heat Already?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Aug 9, 2013.

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  2. who cares
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  3. Basically, the red head on Total Divas is a complete idiot and managed to piss off WWE brass right from the word go.
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  4. But she's so hot:yes:

  5. meh
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  6. I honestly don't get what the whole "Eva Marie is hot" thing is about. Why? She's pretty, but nothing special. Jo-Jo is 10 times hotter than Eva.
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  7. Maybe its the red hair. I'm a sucker for that.
  8. +1
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  9. I do not find JoJo to be that hot. Just my personal preferences I guess
  10. JoJo is like "the girl next door" beautiful. Eva looks like a paint brush. lol
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  11. ..Also... wth? I am confused as to what this is about because I don't watch that show. I personal feel it's wwe's way of selling out the women's division for cheap entertainment.
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  12. JoJo and Eva are both meh.

    Hate Cameron, Talentless bitch, How did they let her get the job out of everyone on Tough Enough?
  13. Mmmmm dat JoJo. I do agree with Adam though, fuck Cameron. Worthless.
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  14. She is flexible and attractive. That is about it. lol And Naomi should be wrestling... Not a side kick to a horrendous dino-pimp joke of a group.
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  15. What do you expect? They're both models-turned-wrestlers, and they aren't ready for the big league.
  16. Attractive :haha:
  17. What? I think she is pretty. lol
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  18. Pretty ugly
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