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  1. Cena is coming back at the rumble.
  2. CM Punk has to be WWE champion again
  3. Read something a while back that wrote Punk winning the Rumble next year and that WWE had it planned already. Not really a fan of it, but I guess it fullfills his dream of main eventing WM.
  4. I suppose he's a good guy to throw into this storyline, given his anti establishment thing he has going. Wouldn't be a bad idea, he goes over Ryback at HIAC then I suppose.
  5. I think Punk vs Bryan in a double-mega-babyface Ironman Match at Mania 30 for the WWE championship would be rip roaring awesome. Two guys with midcard bulges just putting it all out there to make up for their inadequacies. That said, I think the money match is still Cena vs Orton for the WWE Championship. Clearly, because they both have main event bulges.
  6. Well, this was obvious. Orton almost has to come out of the Bryan feud as WWE Champion to maintain heat for himself and for the angle, CM Punk isn't gonna be feuding with Paul Heyman forever and Punk being the #1 most rebellious character in the company makes him a perfect fit for this angle with HHH/Steph ruling the show with a pair of iron fists. It will be great to see Punk share segments with HHH and Steph again that harken back to the Summer of Punk two years ago.

    Meanwhile, while Punk is feuding with Orton, Bryan can be trying to earn another title shot with HHH/Steph setting up roadblock after roadblock to stop it from happening, ala Vince booking Austin in the Buried Alive match (Rock Bottom '98) with the stip that if Austin lost, he couldn't qualify for entering the Rumble.
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  7. It could work. It's too far out to be certain, but I would love to see it. It would be a huge show of faith in them if they were given that spot.
  8. Yeah the question mark coming from this is "what then for Bryan?". And feuding directly with Hunter seems the most likely.
  9. The kind of reactions they both get right now, they could have a Warrior vs Hogan sort of vibe if that was the main event. Two huge legit babyfaces and a split crowd. I think the YES YES YES crowd would be loudest personally.
  10. Honestly, I would love to see Punk vs Bryan main eventing it. Instead of 2012, there won't be AJ getting involved and fucking this up. The two most over faces on the roster could just be great. They're both "not good for business" as they're both smaller guys, so it could really be ironic thy the two of them would main event mania with the current storyline. Hope it happens because there would be such a split crowd
  11. It's not ironic, it's a storyline. They are clearly good for business. That is .... *drumroll*.... the point of the storyline!
  12. Punk is definitely a front runner to win the Royal Rumble. They need Punk in the title picture again, other than Bryan and Orton, they have no one.
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    I think Punk vs Bryan on the top of the card for the strap with a double main event of Cena vs Orton would be money. Cena and Orton have been expertly kept apart since they had their wars. I think they could really kick some ass out there. I'm seriously hoping for Sting vs Undertaker. That would be great if Sting finally came home to the big leagues. He could get inducted in the real Hall of Fame, not that joke-ass bullshit Hall of Fame they made to try and keep him in TNA.
  14. So... Ryback will win the WWE title and they'll fight for it at HIAC, where Punk wins and joins the corporation

  15. :idk:
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  17. CM Punk will defeat Randy Orton and HHH and Stephanie McMahon in a fatal four way for the WWE Championship and then CM Punk will be revealed to be Darren Young's homosexual kayfabe lover.
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  18. He's gonna get that D. Young rub, if ya know what I mean. I mean of course Young is crazy over and Punk will get over by being his kayfabe lover.
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  19. Straight Edge Chocolate. Mmmm
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