Backstage news on HHH's new look

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 13, 2012.

  2. That's gonna' come off great in a storyline.

    Lesnar : "I beat Triple H, I made him retire, I made him cut his hair"

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  3. Makes sense, this storyline could be good (although useless).
  5. Lmao this. It's going to be horrible when he comes back and buries Lesnar, whether you marks will love it or not :bury:.
  6. The worse thing is that it doesn't help anyone. Well, except for Vince, he likes buyrates I guess. But one way or another, :bury: :shovel: is on the way.
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  7. Exactly, that's all it does, make WWE money.
  8. Money is good, Vince likes money. Which means he could get Charlie Sheen to fight Kane and Daniel Bryan in a handicap match :urm:
  9. But there's so many other money-makers :emoji_slight_frown:. Vince has forgotten that stars like Lesnar were MADE by having him go over top guys like Rock and Hogan. Now'adays none of the top guys job clean to up-and-comers. HHH's last matches have come against Lesnar and HHH. The one before that he buried CM Punk in his prime.

    How are guys like Barrett, Ziggler, Ambrose and such going to get to superstar level if they don't beat superstars? The fact is, you have to pass the torch and WWE have replaced passing the torch with "dream matches" to sell out PPV's.
  10. I love Crayo for this.
  11. Exactly, to create a new star an up and coming guy has to go over a veteran, it's sooo simple. But Vince is not dumb, he knows this. He just prefers to do his dream matches to get some quick cash.
  13. Lol oops meant to put Undertaker. Shhhhh. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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