Backstage news on Kharma's Return to WWE

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 24, 2012.

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  1. Quite interesting. I never thought Kharma would return as a heel though.
  2. That's her character. She's a monster heel. Even when breast feeding she still managed to power bomb the father!


  3. Kharma as a monster heel? :gusta:
  4. It's gonna be. ER.... Nikki comes out all like.... I won... I'm the best... Since Beth hurt... I challenge anyone for this title.

    Cue kharna!

    Squash match!

  5. She'll be cheered - yet again. Though I can't wait for her to arrive, I'll finally be able to watch the divas division.
  6. No more piss break?
  7. Big Show appears on RAW every week now. Yesterday I took a piss break, a snack break and a Fifa Ultimate team trading break during his match. Much longer break - awesome.
  8. Was the baby thing fake or real
  9. Real.
  10. The Bellas are gonna get destroyed by Kharma no diva could match her

    Also the baby was real but sadly died. I hope shes ok and is not being rushed back something like that can take time to get over
  11. Kharma STILL gonna tap some pretty ass. :obama:
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