Backstage news on Kharma's WWE departure

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 16, 2012.

  2. When was she ever IN shape? :haha:
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  3. I wonder if this is why she said she's losing weight or some crap.
  4. Well it's WWE waste of time. I think her size was a good advantage to the monster role she was going to play. I saw recent pictures of her before and it wasn't that bad to be.
  5. I hope she finds work, because I believe she'd be amazing WWE. It's shameful WWE is so sexist. I can imagine WWE firing someone for cutting their hair a bit too short. Actually, I can srsly imagine that
  6. she suited the weight she was at.. and why train when youre only going to be in 3 minute matches.. :sad:
  7. Too bad, she could've really helped the division.
  8. I agree, but with Triple H focusing less on Diva's and more on Tag-teams money is saved.
  9. Yeah, if she was to wrestle 2-minute matches on Raw she wasn't going to be that useful. :dawg:
  10. I think WWE were to harsh on her she may not of been the skinny model types they hire but the poor woman had lost her baby going through something like that can make you depressed, you gain weight, not having the energy to do anything. I am very angry at WWE as there supposed to be all about being family friendly yet they havent cared abot her situation
  11. Actually agree with you.
  12. She just had a kid. I feel that they discriminated against her. What do you expect? A woman is going to naturally gain some weight during pregnancy .
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